About Us

Cultura Colectiva is a tech and media company that uses data to create powerful and engaging content. Our mission is to inspire our audiences to generate awareness, ignite action and awaken emotions through engaging quality content. Cultura Colectiva is the largest native content platform in Mexico and Latin America with significant reach in Argentina, Chile, Colombia as well as in Spain.

As of 2017, Cultura Colectiva opened its commercial office in New York. Creating original content in english for the US ambicultural™ audience, Cultura Colectiva is the fastest growing media platform in the United States.

With an audience of over 45 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest combined, Cultura Colectiva has an average monthly reach of over 40M page views and close to 3 billion video reproductions.

Cultura Colectiva is made up of over 200 interdisciplinary content creators, production experts, data scientists, journalists, marketing professionals and sales members.

Through content published in 13 different sections- news, art, photography, cinema, history, literature, music, design, lifestyle, fashion, travel, science and technology and food- we generate four times more conversation and five times more engagement than the average media publishers.



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