About Us

Entertain. Create. Innovate. These are the pillars upon which Cultura Colectiva + is built.

Cultura Colectiva + is an avid storyteller and as such it develops original, ever-changing, and interesting content to aspirational and intelligent millennial consumers. As a platform that generates content based on data analysis, Cultura Colectiva + has fully embraced the potential and opportunities offered by Big Data, and as such it is a hybrid that joins the power of media with technology.

Our content is written for Millennials and by Millennials. The creatives of CC+ are passionate storytellers who will offer a captivating experience with each editorial product. CC+ strives to create an emotional connection by providing compelling stories that resonate with the audience, no matter where they’re from. We have a recognizable esthetic that invites the reader to think critically

Cultura Colectiva + is a liberal media company that promotes equal opportunities, defends human rights, and supports minorities that are at a political and social disadvantage, paying special attention to the Latin American community in the United States. CC+ strives to become a source of inspiration for its audience by maintaining both an artistic image and a cultural commentary. Through its unique insight into popular culture and the arts, CC+ will generate new visual perspectives and serve as a space of dialogue for creatives around the world.

With a readership from around the world and a growing millennial audience in the US, Cultura Colectiva + embarks on a journey to fulfill one of the dreams that has allowed it to occupy the place it has today. With high quality and unique content in English, Cultura Colectiva will position itself in these international markets, proving that language is not a barrier.

The journey begins here. Cultura Colectiva + will create, innovate, disseminate, and analyze entertainment content tailored to an audience that wants a fresh approach to the arts and culture.



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