7 Adult Animes That Will Awaken Your Kinkiest Fantasies

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Eight attractive beings with perfect bodies are leaning over you. A moment ago, they were on the other side of the screen, but now they're here with you. One of them, the most beautiful of all, starts kissing you passionately. You've always fantasized about her big doe eyes and her innocent smile. She seems to be naive, but the fire in her eyes reveals the lust burning within her soul. You know it's a cartoonish dream, unreal, sick to a certain point, but you let yourself go and surrender to your own unspoken desires. Real life has nothing to offer compared to this reverie. 


Japanese animation explores almost all the sexual fetishes one can imagine. The shameless way they deal with taboo themes has given its spectators the opportunity to approach their wildest and darkest fantasies. Adult Anime is the perfect way to satisfy almost any sexual preference, since it offers a world of surreal beings in fantastic lands willing to do the unthinkable for the sake of pleasure.

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Erotic animes range from homosexual fantasies to sexual orgies, always presented in strange and fantastic settings. They also deal with realistic stories whose main purpose is to push the limits of eroticism, allowing the viewer to surrender to their fantasies.

The following series will awaken your deepest and most sensual emotions:

Yosuga no Sora (2010) Takeo Takahashi

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Adult anime doesn't only deal  with sex. Through its themes, it seeks to create strong bonds with its viewers. Yosuga no Sora is the animated adaptation of a series of novels that tell the story of two twin siblings who move to a small town after their father dies. In this remote place, their feelings evolve into a romantic relationship full of confusion and worries. Through an extremely erotic and natural way of representing their lives, what at first sounds disturbing and sick becomes a fantastically complex work of animation.

High School DxD (2012) Tetsuya Yanagisawa

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High School DxD belongs to the "harem" genre, where the male protagonist is surrounded by beautiful women who are interested in his love. This is one of the most common fantasies, not only in Japan but in the rest of the world, and "harem" anime is precisely the one in charge of fulfilling that desire. This series tells the story of Issi Hyodo, a high school student who ends up being the devil's servant in a war between angels and demons with tinges of eroticism and sensuality.  

The Testament of Sister New Devil (2015) Hisashi Saito

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Another "harem" anime, The Testament of Sister New Devil shows the moment when Basara Tōjō's discovers he has two gorgeous half-sisters who will do their best to seduce him. As the story progresses, Basara Tōjō will find out that they belong to a demonic sect and that he has been chosen to belong to the angel's clan. This, of course, will lead to a sensual battle in which desire and passion will become the best weapons.

Kanokon (2008) Atsushi Otsuki

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Kanokon has become a classic erotic anime for teenagers and adults. With more subtle levels of sexuality, the protagonist, Kouta Oyamada, falls in love with his classmate, Chizuru. Of course, as we have seen in these series, she's a fox spirit whose only purpose is to seduce Kouta. After their first sexual encounter, other creatures will seek him to understand the true meaning of eroticism and pleasure.

Manyū Hiken-chō (2011) Chifusa Manyū

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This manga has been considered one of the most perverse cult anime series of all times. Chifusa Manyū is a woman who lives in a land where breasts are the most precious feature. Although this series was meant to be a social commentary, many have considered it a vain story with poor content. However, this anime is one of the most successful ones, proving that this type of stories will always be highly consumed.

Haru Wo Daiteita (2005) Yoshikata Nitta

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"Yaoi" is a manga genre focused on romance between male characters. Considered as one of the best animes, Haru wo Daiteita tells the story of two porn actors who get involved in a vortex of jealousy, quest for identity, eroticism, and passion. This story is the traditional story of a couple that overcomes adversity for the sake of their love.

To Love-Ru (2008) Takao Kato

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This is a cheesy series that barely uses sexuality to narrate the classic romantic comedy. The protagonist is in love with a girl but a creature from another world wants to marry him. Cautiously, the boy tries to run away from these threats that impede him to be with the love of his life. With sexy scenes and aimed at a teen audience, this story is innocently perverse.


Not every animated erotic series is tacky. These ones show that there's more than just explicit and over the top sexual representations. Due to their entertaining plots, these animes have become the most popular products of this genre.

If you're not very fond of eroticism, there are also animes for every taste. You just have to look for those who relate to your interests

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

A Martinez

A Martinez