The Photograph Series That Explores The Nature Of Orgasms And Negative Space

jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017 8:22

|Eduardo Limon

What do you choose to show when you want to display something?

This concept seems to be the main idea behind Ashkan Honarvar's photographic series. Born in Iran in 1980, Honarvar's work is based on collages that explore the dichotomy of irrationality and logic. It plays with reality, only to flip it towards changing our deepest concerns and thoughts. His collages pretend to make us question our eagerness to follow set patterns.

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Working with surgeon-like precision, he "anesthetiz[es his] patients against his acts of dissection and reconfiguration while blinding them to the voyeuristic observation of his viewers." In his series Negative Space, he analyzes the nature of orgasms from two different perspectives. First, he overlaps completely unrelated images, and then, by cutting away the faces and thus the identity of the protagonists, he explores the pornographic essence of sexuality through images that can't be censored. These images make us question our obsession with public and exposed intimacy. In this collection, the artist drags the attention of the viewer to the most explicit part of the photograph and, through its censorship, it actually conveys what's hidden behind. So, where's the negative space that's included in the title of the collection?

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The human body is taken by Honarvar as the embodiment of beauty and the grotesque, allowing a partial reading of alteration and exhibitionism, as well as examining our perception of reality. So, it makes us realize that our notion of what's real is composed of distortions that both hide and highlight other aspects of ourselves. Honarvar's collages are handmade. He recycles and overlaps images, just as we do in our perception of real life, and just as the digital world and social media do with reality.

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By dissecting some parts of the body, he reconfigures the images to make more evident what we can't see. That's how he represents the way we're living. Although the protagonists of these photographs know they're being watched, they show us everything because they enjoy the speculation.

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Honarvar's collection is a dialog with the audience that is meant to expose humanity's vanity and abuse of themselves and others. The shape of the body is erased and reassembled according to the interests of each person, and, as the artist states, these interests can get out of control.

Ashkan Honarvar orgasm photographs sex-w636-h600
Ashkan Honarvar orgasm photographs cunnilingus-w636-h600
Ashkan Honarvar orgasm photographs mountain-w636-h600
Ashkan Honarvar orgasm photographs oral-w636-h600

If you want to see more of his collages, visit his official website


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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Eduardo Limon

Eduardo Limon