The Artist That Seeks To Turn Porn Into Nude Female Artworks

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|Rodrigo Ayala

The line between porn and erotic art is often blurry. Why isn't porn considered as sophisticated as traditional Greek and Renaissance nude artworks? The most reasonable answer probably resides in the artists' intentions. Greek and Renaissance artists sought to create divine bodies that exemplified perfection and beauty, making them worthy of admiration. In contrast, porn focuses on portraying –most of the time– men's sexual fantasies. What could guide pornography towards a more artistic esthetic? 

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Digital artist Vanessa Omoregie realized that images deemed as pornographic could be turned into art with a little change of perspective. She decided to launch an Internet platform called CamGirls 2.0, on International Women's Day. The project's main purpose is to use the body as a means of expression and beauty. Girls who bare themselves online are mostly frowned upon, even when they don't consider the act of revealing themselves as a degrading practice.

"There's all these pictures of women on the internet that are being made fun of, and women in general on the internet get made fun of all the time especially for taking selfies, and then there's hundreds of old paintings in museums and galleries that people put in such high regard, so I just wanted to explore that tension. The project started on Tumblr with this community of young girls and women that like taking selfies and expressing themselves on the internet, and it was a space for them to celebrate their bodies and not be made fun of. A lot of them were like 'my selfies are art now' and I was like 'yeah, they are actually, they can be'! It's really growing now into a space where it's even more about the community of people involved. Something I want to investigate further is women on the internet and how we exist online and how the internet can skew self-image and skew how we're seen."

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Now we are living in a digital age, in which women can be their own muse. They choose how and when they want to pose in front of the camera lens. They don't need to be discovered by an artist anymore. In the same way, they are free to select which part of themselves they want to show and dignify, either partially or completely.

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Omoregie is aware of all the biases she'll have to face. That's why imagination is the main element of her art. By overlapping different bodies, the spectator can reimagine a new reconciled version of two estranged paradigms. So the apparent "mutilation" of other consecrated artist's work is used to help contemporary art evolve.

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Another aim of CamGirls 2.0 has been to create a community formed by the spectators and models of these works. Omoregie has also explained that the Internet has become a great space for art, not only because there is no need to buy expensive materials, but also because it is easier to find your audience and connect with it. This gives emerging artists the opportunity to make new kinds of art known previous generations didn't have access to. You don't need to be a professional artist or model to be a part of Omoregie's virtual museum. It's just a matter of confidence and the need to express yourself without fear.

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 Vanessa Omoregie is a graduate from the London College of Fashion. You can learn more about her art clicking here:  

 The 405CamGirls Project, Playground Magazine

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