It's Time To Shatter Some Women Expectations During Sex

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|Diana Garrido

In his autobiography, the bass player of Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx, states that during the eighties, men, especially rock stars, were seen as sex machines. Between glam, makeup, alcohol, and parties, musicians were followed by hundreds of groupies after each show, leading to loads of sexual encounters. Despite what the general consensus states, these sex symbols had to resort to some artificial methods to have a better sexual performance and keep their reputation intact.

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Sixx mentions that at the beginning, he would be aroused just by looking at a beautiful woman with a sexy look and red lips. His life was the real representation of an erotic movie. He could just snap his fingers and an army of women would appear immediately to do anything he wanted them to do. However, since getting ladies became such an easy task, the sexual experience soon became a monotonous, mechanical act. To spice things up, he resorted to pills to increase his sexual stamina.

This became a recurrent practice until he realized he was a regular human being and not a divine stud. Little by little, he noticed that most of the times he didn't even feel like having sex and that being around attractive women was not enough to be aroused.

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Sometimes women have high expectations regarding men's sexual drive. We tend to believe that the only thing they think about is sex, and therefore, they can easily perform whenever they like. While society has told us that a man is always willing to have sex, the truth is that sometimes they just don't feel like doing it. It's a normal thing; we're human beings that can control when and where we let our passions take hold.

Here are some of the expectations, or better said, the misconceptions and stereotypes women have on sexual male behavior.

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Pleasure only depends on his sexual performance

Men put all their effort to please their partner. Their satisfaction is also one of their main concerns. If their partner shows a sign of discomfort, they feel frustrated and uncomfortable. Sexual performance depends on both parties. Communication is essential, you must let your partner know what you like, how he should move, what parts to touch, etc.

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He's the one who has to know what to do

Many women believe that men are the ones who must lead the sexual act. This is absolutely false. Pleasure and passion aren't one individual's responsibility. Both have to take the plunge once in a while. Men aren't supposed to do all the work.

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Orgasm comes at the precise moment

It's the general belief that reaching an orgasm simultaneously is the most romantic and pleasant experience a couple can have during sex. Our bodies have different timing to reach the climax. If both parts work together, having a simultaneous orgasm is actually possible. However, I'd say it doesn't really matter how much it lasts as long as both are satisfied.

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They have full control over their erection

This is a complete lie. Arousal marks the time of the erection, which at times can take longer than the usual. Many women tend to blame themselves for not provoking an immediate erection but this is simply a physiological process that depends on many external and internal facts. Actually, some men don't even know that during sex the erection comes and goes within seconds.

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They'll always want to get laid

This is probably the most recurrent myth around male sexuality. There's no such thing as a genetic disposition to being aroused. There's no distinction between men and women regarding sexual drive. It depends on each individual's urges. Just like anybody else, stress, weariness, and daily activities can have an influence on their libido.

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Their penis gets immediately hard

This fact is connected with the idea of men wanting to have sex at all times. We tend to believe that they're always ready to engage in intercourse, and therefore, their penis will get hard as a rock at the moment. The truth is that foreplay for them is just as important as it is for women. It's a mutual process in which the body prepares for the sexual act.

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It's his partners fault if he doesn't get immediately aroused

Come on! Although the human body has automatic functions, it also depends on processes and stimulation. However, these stimulations don't necessarily depend on their partner's performance. Sexual arousal can be affected by environmental, sentimental, or mood factors. No one is to blame if things don't happen immediately, just give it time.

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Nikki Sixx understood that he wasn't a sex machine and that the body needs time to relax. These expectations aren't only thought by women. Men are constantly bombed with the idea that they need to fulfill them. Meanwhile, women always try to keep up with men's expectations. Sex is a matter of two. Being relaxed is key to let everything flow naturally, without any pressure or misconception.
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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Diana Garrido

Diana Garrido