Illustrations To Color In Your Most Sensual Fantasies

Illustrations To Color In Your Most Sensual Fantasies

Por: Maria Isabel Carrasco -


You enter the station. The train that will take you home hasn't arrived yet; however, the place is unusually crowded. Between the pushes and shouts of the people, you manage to get through and find a spot to sit and wait. You're feeling suffocated by the mob; you've forgotten what it feels like to have  persona space.
There is still a while to go before you arrive at your destination and you don't want the mass of bodies to overwhelm you. You manage to open your backpack and take out a coloring book and some markers. You try to forget where you are, and you let your mind run free through the smooth strokes of the illustrations. While you fill the contours with your pastel blue marker, the noises around you start to fade away.

Erotic pastel illustrations butt-w636-h600

With your marker, you follow the silhouette and contours of these characters. You feel as if your fingers are merging with the colors, with the papery skin of those figures. As you fill those images with soft, candy-like colors, you feel as if a world of fantasy is coming to life. 

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Where has the crowd gone? It doesn't matter anymore. You no longer care about your surroundings, as you're merging with the strokes of the markers. Those erotic figures come to life before your eyes.
Watery aquamarine, velvety greens, and rosy hues envelop you in this new, erotic reality. In this world there is no censorship only pleasure and unrestrained desire. Freedom is the currency and the purpose in life is ecstasy.

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You turn the page, and suddenly a beam of bright-yellow blinds you. You squint and you realize you're lying bed, basking at the setting sun. You look out the window and it is in the privacy of your four walls that you can unveil your more erotic side. 

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Each page transports you to a different realm. This black and white world progressively colors itself with each of your fantasies and desires. In this place there's no limit; you can swim in a sea of sensations as many times as you wish, without getting exhausted. Your passions and creativity lead the way in this world of infinite possibilities.

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In this accelerated world, where political correctness and censorship set the pace, illustrator YSSA tries to give people a means to explore their sexuality and fantasies. When the craze of coloring books took off, adults allowed their inner creativity to come out and express their deepest emotions. Through erotic and mostly explicit illustrations, YSSA is compiling a coloring book for adults to break all the taboos around sex. As she has mentioned, she wants people to “to lose [themselves] while filling out those legs and breasts and ornaments. I’d love to see the book being colored on trains or public places. No hiding.”

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Just as coloring books are considered to be therapeutic, Between the Lines pretends to be a sex therapy to help people leave all those prejudices behind. Also it intends to help men and women fantasize while coloring these erotic illustrations through “the meditative act of losing yourself to the coloring process and the thrill of beautiful erotic pictures!”
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Through free, uncensored illustrations, the artist encourages the audience to be part of these erotic stories that are only waiting for someone to bring them to life. By getting immersed in images and fantasies, one can find inspiration and sexual healing.”

You can see more of YSSA's illustrations on her Instagram and the official website of her book.::

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