How Being Tied To Another Person For One Year Taught This Artist About Freedom And Humanity

January 16, 2018

|Sara Araujo

Learn more about the meaning behind Tehching Hsieh’s famous “One Year Performance.”

The Dada Artist That Depicted Female Orgasm Through A Tiny Bar Of Soap

January 15, 2018

|María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Beatrice Wood exhibited a painting of Venus' body with a tiny piece of soap covering her genitalia, sparking a huge scandal in the art community.

The New Artistic Movement Music Festival Lovers Should Keep An Eye On

January 12, 2018

|Sara Araujo

This new movement was born from the digital era and it is taking over music festivals.

The Stages Of Getting Over Someone In 5 Paintings

January 12, 2018

|Sairy Romero

These five artworks inspired by heartbreak will keep you company as you gather the strength to get over your ex.

5 Facts To Understand The Artistic Movement That Defined Modernity

January 11, 2018

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You can’t miss these basic facts about the unique Bauhaus movement.

"Say Something Bunny", The Performance Based On Real Found Footage Of The Fifties That Presents A World Forgotten

January 10, 2018

|María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Alison S.M. Kobayashi's performance "Say Something Bunny" takes some recordings from the 50s and reinterprets them to show the everyday life of the time.

The Performance Artist That Auditioned To A TV Show To Criticize Pop Culture

January 3, 2018

|Sairy Romero

Marisa shows that American Idol and similar competitions are not about talent at all, they’re about the humiliation of contestants.

5 Surrealist Female Painters That Put Dalí To Shame

December 27, 2017

|María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Surrealism is one of the most appealing art currents due to its great images and hidden meanings. That's the reason why so many female artists explored it.

The Painter Who Bares The Vulnerable Side Of A Dirty Love

December 23, 2017

|Sara Araujo

Reuben Negron explores the beauty behind passionate love through art.

Vagina China Is The Art Project That Was Created To Erase Your Outdated Vagina Taboos

December 21, 2017

|Maria Suarez

How can a ceramic casting of a vulva change the conversation around body positivity and the objectification of women?