Sensual Drawings By Gustav Klimt To Experience Ecstasy

Sensual Drawings By Gustav Klimt To Experience Ecstasy

By: Eduardo Limón -

"All art is erotic" −Klimt 

Sex, power, and the conscious mind take pride of place in the world of art as sources of inspiration. The sublime experience of kissing a woman’s lips has been the main focus of countless artistic creations. The female sex forever transformed the art world, and became the main muse of the discipline. In the beginnings of the XX century, the Viennese painter, Gustav Klimt, was able to capture the heady essence of a female embrace with The Kiss. Eroticism was dipped in gold and through his palette he changed the face of Austria.


However, before achieving such success, the disciple of Egon Schiele gifted the world a collection of illustrations on cartridge paper that would later become his most erotic work. Rumor has it that in Klimt’s studio women would walk around naked, no matter their social or economic backgrounds. This freedom to explore the female body in movement was a turning point in his artistic vision. Klimt had a home filled with delicate and buoyant women, and in his presence they would eat, walk, rest, and masturbate.

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They all pursed the dream of becoming his muse, and in turn he would capture their essence. Sensuality and eroticism were the main subjects explored by the artist. With every stroke made with his charcoal, and every shadow smudged in, he would portray the beauty of the female anatomy. He made an effort to capture the way a woman touched herself, felt, and experimented desire without been judged or without asking for forgiveness from others.

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 "I am not interested in my own person – more in other people, females. […] I  am convinced that I am not particularly interesting as a person. There is nothing special about me."−Klimt

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"Whoever wants to know something about me, they should look attentively at my pictures." −Klimt

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"Art is a line around your thoughts." −Klimt 

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"Stop censorship. I will not seek other help that my own." −Klimt

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The fascination for the human body, particularly the female anatomy, has existed since the dawn of human existence. Different disciplines have tried to understand its functions and capture its beauty for posterity. A collective effort by mankind to show who we really are and art is, without question, the most privileged discipline of all. Gustav Klimt is one of the greatest masters that immortalized the beauty of the body.