The Artist Who Knows It's Time To Ditch The Nipple Censorship

The Artist Who Knows It's Time To Ditch The Nipple Censorship

Avatar of Maria Isabel Carrasco

By: Maria Isabel Carrasco

June 1, 2017

Art The Artist Who Knows It's Time To Ditch The Nipple Censorship
Avatar of Maria Isabel Carrasco

By: Maria Isabel Carrasco

June 1, 2017


For so long, the idea of sexuality and nakedness has been highly censored by society through the argument that it’s immoral to display the body in public. It’s like an everyday norm we all accept without really questioning  why it exists. Not only that, we still blush and notice a nervous grin on our face every time we see a nipple in a public space or even on our social media’s timeline. But why? Why do we feel ashamed or intimidated by this part of the body that’s as normal as a foot, our nose, or our hands? Well, the answer is kind of obvious: it’s due to the sexual associations they have, but let me delve into that question a bit more. Why do we feel nervous or even insulted (yes, some people think that it’s a huge offense to show the nipples) when we see female nipples and not men’s? I’m not trying to start a wide discussion about feminism, but think about it. They have similar shapes, and actually some men have bigger boobs than some women, and still, they’re free to expose what nature gave them anywhere they want. Think about how stupid this censorship is, to the point that in some places in the world there have been campaigns and legal propositions to punish women for breastfeeding in public, as if feeding their child was a provocative or offensive act.

Julian Landini nipple free art coffee

For that matter, in recent times there has been a huge wave of critics against this nonsensical censorship that’s present everywhere. Associations, individuals, photographers, filmmakers, artist, and even fashion currents have organized or been part of campaigns in favor of free representations or displays of the female nipple. There’s a campaign on Instagram that shows close-ups of nipples without saying whether they belong to a man or a woman to expose the double standards of modern society. One artist who has been really interested in breaking all this absurdity is Julian Landini.

Julian Landini nipple free art mask
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One of the elements that made Landini popular in his native country, Argentina, was his unique technique and drawing style, made with regular ballpoint pens that give a sense of freshness and immediacy. Moreover, his art depicts women in everyday situations showing their bodies without any constraint nor judgment.

Julian Landini nipple free art torso

Landini started drawing as a child and would take any piece of paper and a pen to portray whatever he had on his mind. The fact that most of his drawings are made with a common pen is a return to his roots as a kid who wanted to pour his emotions. This is him remaining loyal to his artistic instincts.
As he grew, he got interested in human anatomy and all the stories that can be told through movements. He started experimenting with more structured positions to show the marvels of the human body, especially women, his main –if not exclusive– protagonists.

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Based on his admiration of the body, he started depicting the nakedness of women with taste and an artistic vision. We all know that nowadays the best tool artists can use to make their works relevant is social media. As soon as he did, however, he realized he was constantly banned for the "offensive" content he was sharing. Sick of this absurd conception of morality, he started a project called
La Teta Protesta (The Boob Project) to question the double standards of social media legislations that turn a blind eye on violence, murders, and other traumatic images, but get all mortified by a drawing of a naked body. In his own words, the project intends to repudiate “this stupid and meaningless censorship syndrome, the product of an archaic law and a morality based on submission, that is going around in this society, where there is a culture of respect for the body, but of the obscene consumption of this.

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If you’re interested in his work and project, take a look at his website: Julian Landini.
It's not just a matter of getting our way showing our nipples on social media; it's about a stupid differentiation that intends to demonize our natural aspect. For that matter, check out this Short Guide To Freeing Your Nipples.