Paintings That Reveal Eroticism Is Way Better Than Sex

Paintings That Reveal Eroticism Is Way Better Than Sex

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By: Diego Cera

January 12, 2017

Art Paintings That Reveal Eroticism Is Way Better Than Sex
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By: Diego Cera

January 12, 2017

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The slick of sweat across the limbs and the thrumming energy of two bodies joined together in one pleasurable act is what makes sex an act of ecstasy and joy. The euphoria of sex is both wild and beautiful and can leach into every place, beyond the limits of a boudoir. It is such an intoxicating act that countless poets, philosophers, and artists have tried to immortalize it in their own disciplines. 

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The Juliette Society by Sasha Gray and the works of Marquis de Sade and Bukowski demonstrate that literature has been able to exploit every aesthetic resource to bring this act to life on a piece of paper. As we wander around the halls of the British Museum, we stop to appreciate the statuesque beauty of the Elgin marbles, the sinuous limbs of marble, depicting the sexual potential of both mortals and deities alike. All disciplines are drawn to sex and each have its own way of depicting its force and influence. 

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paintings nudity eroticism

The artists of this generation are not far behind, and today more than ever, sexuality is one of the most relevant themes in the art world. Their creations uphold the passions of sex, but also untangle the social taboos and norms that either liberate or limit this act. Senior Coconut is a painter who specializes in erotic scenarios, and his bold brushstrokes and color palette reach a new elevated form of beauty. 

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When sexuality is represented in art, eroticism is born. As Nobel laureate Octavio Paz explains in his book, The Double Flame: Love & Eroticism, "Eroticism is, above all else, exclusively human: it is sexuality socialized and transfigured by the imagination and the will of human beings. The first thing that distinguishes eroticism from sexuality is the infinite variety of forms in which it manifests itself. Eroticism is invention, constant variation, sex is always the same." 

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The moment Senior Coconut picked up his paintbrush, his work acquired an erotic charge that titillates the imagination and sanctifies the body. Pornography is always the same, explicit and one dimensional, but erotic art offers inconclusive images that have to be completed in the mind. 

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His palette combines cool tones with warm splashes that create this sense of intimacy and adds to the erotic elements of his composition. Many of his paintings only show a single individual who is exploring their own body and finding their own pleasure points. To enjoy one's company is one of the maxims Senior Coconut upholds, and this shows the viewer that sexuality doesn't necessarily have to be shared, but can be enjoyed alone. 

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