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Smokable Art: Marijuana Joints You'll Think Twice About Smoking

18 de mayo de 2018

Ariel Rodriguez

Takes the words "Pizza Joint" to a whole new level....if you're .a fan of pot joints then this artist you have to meet!

Meet Tony Greenhand, Instafamous stoner and joint artist whose fame has grown in the past few years. He went from rolling paper to creating animated characters, flowers, weapons, and a gigantic pot-size watermelon (believed to be the largest blunt made in history). What's even cooler is that you can still smoke them. He makes art out of rolling joints and it’s called “smokeable art.” If you're looking for a weekend treat, you can always pop one of his works, of course if you have seven thousand dollars lying around.

These are some of his coolest designs, you would smoke one?

Greenhand is believed to be the best joint artist in the world. He has won several competitions, like The National Joint League (NJL) tournament. He has been posting his artwork for about five years and even though his account has been deleted a few times, he manages to keep about more than 30 thousand fans following him on Instagram. In fact, he has said in the past that he's unable to read all the DMs he gets because he's flooded with requests, compliments, and the occasional hater–not bad for an artist who has taken the art of rolling weed to a whole new level.

He can pretty much roll anything into a joint or blunt, and his style tends towards pop culture references, from cartoons like Rick and Morty, Pokemon, and Futurama to self portraits. His imagination and talent know no bounds and his hot press technique brings another layer of uniqueness and realism to his work. If we follow his work on Instagram we can see how much he has progressed and how he was slowly perfected his technique.

His technique required years of practice and it has become his full-time job, we estimate he gets paid about $175 USD an hour for custom-made joints. Some of the joints he makes use weed that he's grown and bred himself. As matter of fact, he mentioned in an interview with Vocativ that he immediately starts rolling as soon as he wakes up and he even finds time to do his own deliveries, sponsor other products, run a cannabis seed company, and broadcast his adventures alongside his supportive girlfriend.

Greenhand meets all the criteria to be consider a true artist: he is passionate about his work, he is dedicated, and his sculptures captivate people all over the world. Now that weed is federally legal in the U.S., he no longer has a need to hide his talent. There will always be folk out there against his art, but we can't help admire his dedication and work. He shows there's always a way to express your creativity even in the most mundane things.

If you want to see him at work, watch this video:

Photos by: @tonygreenhand


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