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Sensuous Encounters Captured In Soft Lines And Colors

Por: María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards 8 de septiembre de 2017

We talk a lot about eroticism in art, movies, books, and history because, to be honest, who doesn’t like to talk about passion, pleasure or sex? But after exploring this subject for some time, I can't help but wonder what it is exactly that makes these works so enticing. Is it the graphic nature Or perhaps the techniques they use? Maybe it's all about the artist's vision and sensibility in depicting eroticism. There's a chance that it's a mix of all these things, but in my opinion, what makes a piece so erotically alluring is its ability to awaken fantasies hidden deep in our minds.

With this in mind, I was looking for new artists on Instagram, and I came across the works of the Tina Maria Elena, a Danish-French artist who creates extremely sensuous watercolor paintings that explore our most intimate and passionate experiences from a female perspective. Besides watercolors, one of her characteristic techniques is cutting and pasting figures in order to create enticing collages that show different perspectives of our deepest fantasies.

Inspired by the colors present in all the elements of nature and the urban world, Elena uses the beauty of watercolors to create colorful and alluring scenes that evoke that passionate nature within us. The softness of this technique helps create a setting that shows that depictions of sexuality don't always have to be rough and explicit. Sexuality can also be portrayed as something sweet and tender. Unlike other erotic illustrations and art that praise and prioritize explicitness, Elena presents a different idea of sexual awakening. Her paintings do portray graphic scenes, but what really ignites the senses is the craft behind them.

Moreover, what makes her art so innovative and relatable is that she creates sensual scenes from and for a female perspective. She knows and understands what excites us and what we look for in a sexual encounter. But more importantly, through her art, she encourages us to explore our own sexuality. As she explains, erotic art has always represented women as an object of desire, but only a few have dared to focus their work on the pleasure of women and a more progressive representation of female sexuality. In that way, more than just provoking our senses, these watercolors remind us that our drives and urges should and must be explored freely.

Colors going through bodies, exploring and leaving traces in their wake. Colors merging, but also fighting to stand out in a dance of light and texture. That’s the essence of her art. That’s what makes these images so interesting and erotic. 

If you want to see more of these erotic explorations of female sexuality, go check this artist’s Instagram account: @tinamariaelena


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