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The Ultimate Quiz to Tell You How Much You Really Know about Art

Por: Beatriz Esquivel26 de enero de 2023

If you think you are an expert or want the information to show off, answer this short quiz and test your knowledge of the art.

If you think you know everything about art and boast at parties or in museums about your extensive knowledge of the subject, we’ll put you to the test with this very short quiz that, in the best-case scenario, will give you new curious facts and useful information for every occasion you want to bluff.

Are you ready? 40 points, and consider yourself the most knowledgeable of all. Just make sure you scroll down the page carefully, so you don’t accidentally discover the answer in each image.

1) How many versions of Edvard Munch’s The Scream exist?

Value: 2 points

2) This pigment is the most expensive in history since it was made from a semi-precious stone. When used, it gave a very bright and luminous color that remains vibrant to this day. Likewise, the story goes that artists like Vermeer insisted on using it despite their lack of financial solvency.

Value: 3 points

3) Name the work that was almost destroyed by a man who believed himself to be the reincarnation of Jesus.

Value: 4 points

4) Artist is believed to have cut off the ear of his friend, Vincent van Gogh.

Value: 1 point

5) Which aesthetic current developed first: Fauvism or Cubism?

Value: 2 points

6) Several artists had health complications such as ravings, paralysis, tooth loss, and fatigue from engaging in this practice, what was it?

Value: 3 points

7) Which hominid was the first to make cave paintings?

Value: 5 points

8) These people were entrusted with the knowledge and legacy of pre-Hispanic life; their task was to make the codices that gave testimony of beliefs, lifestyle, and even, during the Colony, to make the first maps of New Spain.

Value: 4 points

9) This work includes all kinds of characters, from philosophers, thinkers, governors, and even important artists. Such as Leonardo da Vinci, Aristotle, Epicurus, Socrates, and Michelangelo, among others.

Value: 1 point

10) African artist and sculptor who was considered the best in South Africa, but who is now remembered for the ritual he performed that involved setting fire to his studio, burning almost all his works, and more.

Value: 5 points

Extra: The 5 (easiest) extra points: Who painted the Mona Lisa?

Check your results right away and see more information on each to expand your pseudo-intellectual verbiage:

1) The Scream has four different versions that vary in color; there is also a lithograph. Several versions of this work have been stolen on different occasions, which has helped its popularity grow.

2) The pigment is called ultramarine blue, and the semi-precious stone is lapis lazuli.

3) Michelangelo’s Vatican Pieta was attacked by Laszlo Toth, a 33-year-old man who, with a geologist’s hammer, struck the sculpture repeatedly while shouting that he was “Jesus Christ.” From that moment on, the sculpture was restored and has glass to protect it.

4) Paul Gauguin. One theory states that in a drunken binge, both artists began to fight to the extent that Gauguin drew a sword and swung it at Van Gogh.

5) Fauvism developed around 1904 in France, being Matisse was one of its greatest exponents, while Cubism emerged around 1907 through artists such as Picasso.

6) Licking his brushes.

7) According to studies, the oldest cave paintings in the world correspond to the Neanderthals, a species of hominids that many believed would not be able to create this type of markings symbolizing objects in their environment.

8) They are the Tlacuilos. Because of their work, they were considered trainers and masters of the history of the people.

9) The work is The School of Athens by Raphael.

10) His name is Nelson Mukhuba, and he is one of the great African artists. His work is referred to as “transitional art,” which accounts for works made between 1970 and 1980 that mixed traditional and modern art.

Extra answer: If you don’t know it, your case is worrying, so we recommend you to read: 100 Of The Most Amazing Paintings In History You Must See In Person.

Story originally published in Spanish in Cultura Colectiva

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