12 Books That Will Show You Everything You Need To Know About Love And Sex

It’s his first sexual experience, and instead of focusing on her curves or the act itself, he’s overwhelmed by these questions: If I finish inside her, can she get pregnant? Can I catch a disease from oral sex? How can I reach her G-spot? Should I go slowly or should I speed up more? Does she think the size of my penis is enough or is she laughing inside? She’s not screaming, do I suck at this? If I ask her to tie herself to the bed, would she think I’m a pervert?


It’s ironic how in this era of information, where we can access everything we want at the time and place we want to, there’s still many questions and misinformation around sex. It’s not a matter of sex nor gender: rookies or experts are probably questioning themselves when they’re in the sexual act.

What should we know about sex to become memorable lovers or to rekindle a lost flame? The answers are inside you and in the following list of books that can work as perfect guidelines with precise information about a well-known art..

101 Nights of Great Sex (2013) Laura Corn

This is a book every couple should have on their nightstands, no matter for how long they’ve been together. If you follow the author’s seductive game proposals, your passions and desires will increase. Do you imagine having 101 recipes to woo your partner and make love like you’ve never imagined or dared to? Don’t imagine it; get the book and do it.


My Secret Garden (1993) Nancy Friday

One hundred fifty women openly talk about their most intimate sexual fantasies in a daring and uninhibited way. Each page is an invitation for men and women to understand the desires and needs of their partners.  Nancy Friday provides us real stories of women of diverse ages and conditions, united by a single purpose: to enjoy their sexuality by all means and feel the freedom that eroticism provides to those who surrender to it.

Come as You Are (2015) Emily Nagoski

Critics have referred to this book as a “masterpiece on the science of sex.” Especially focused on transforming women’s sexual life, any man could take a look at this text to discover an interesting world of information that has been ignored until now. Working as a guideline for experts and beginners, this book is something no one should miss if they want to experience a literary and physical orgasm.


Make Love Like a Prairie Vole (2013) Andrew G. Marshall

The author of this curious book talks about how rodents are distinguished for having the most durable passionate relationships. Departing from this, the book shows us a comparison between these creatures’ sexuality and the one human beings practice, only to make us improve our erotic encounters and become as promiscuous as rodents.


His Porn, her Pain (2016) Marty Klein

Reading this book can help us understand men’s need to see porn movies and why some women get uncomfortable with them. Many relationships have failed because some people have certain habits their partners won’t accept. With an analytical point of view and not making any criticism to neither of the sexes, the author states that the only thing a couple needs to learn about how to live with the other’s habits is communication and understanding.


Delta of Venus (1977) Anaïs Nin

Written in the 1940s, this book is a collection of erotic stories in which the author explores mankind's deepest desires and passions. Inspired by the Kamasutra and other erotic texts, Nin tastefully develops her fictional stories in a way that goes beyond mere pornography. Her book is now acclaimed by feminists as a pioneer in female pleasure writing.

She Comes First (2004) Ian Kerner

This is the book that every misogyny, egocentric man should read before going to bed with a woman. It's a humorous overview of the lives of couples where the man is more concerned with achieving his own pleasure before his partner's. This book can provide valuable information to couples about improving pleasure in sexual encounters; it'll also scold men who won't care about pleasing their partner.

101 Places to Have Sex Before You Die (2010) Marscha Normandy and Joseph St. James

If you haven't found the best erotic way to challenge your partner, this book will show you the most exotic places to have amazing intercourse, filled with adrenaline and pleasure. The difficulty level increases with each suggestion, making it a guaranteed fun experience to those who'd dare to take the challenge. If you manage to complete all the recommendations... Congratulations! You'll die sexually satisfied and happy.

Make Her Scream (2015) Amber Cole

Once you've read the previous text, the next step is to explore this book that doesn't beat around the bush. It'll tell you how to become the greatest stud she's ever been with. Both men and women will thank life for the existence of this book, a detailed guide on how to improve your sexual experiences. It's ideal for those who want to become an orgasm machine.  


The Orgasm Answer Guide (2011) Barry R. Komisaruk

The special guest in every sexual encounter (that sometimes won't even arrive) is consciously studied by the author of this awesome book. What's the G-spot? Why sometimes are there no orgasms? How to achieve them? These are some of the questions answered in a book that has to be on the shelves of every book and sex lover.

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book (1999) Felice Newman

This piece is still a main reference in the lesbian spheres. It was the first guide that openly dealt with lesbian sexual relationships, empowering them to stop being afraid of showing their affections in public. This pleasant and deep text helps readers get to know themselves better.

Down and Dirty Sex Secrets (2004) Tristan Taormino

Taormino is a well known feminist writer who's interested in women's pleasure. Through very explicit language, the book explores every aspect of feminine sexuality and practices. This book is a complete guide that leaves out all taboos and prejudices.

There's no doubt that mastery can only be achieved through study and constant practice. Now you have the tools to become a memorable lover. Remember that your sexuality is sacred, and you must explore it having that in mind. Don't miss this valuable information:
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