Come See Me When I'm In My Dirty Jeans With No Makeup On

Come See Me When I'm In My Dirty Jeans With No Makeup On

By: Cultura Colectiva -

Star LaBranche was born exactly one month before Jem and the Holograms aired on television. The poet currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA, she works at ECPI University in Content Marketing and attends classes in their Business Administration program. Star describes herself as a dedicated cat mom, and enjoys quiet evenings at home with her Maine Coon mix, Happy Cat. With a transparent use of language, LaBranche's poems reflect on the pains and perks of being a woman in today's world.

Come See Me When Im In My Dirty Jeans With No Makeup On 1


come back tomorrow at 4

you can see me descend from the heavens

a savior in dirty jeans with no

makeup on

I will shower all those who

come across me with bad memories

of the night I left too soon or the

night I refused to leave at all

in my wake, I will leave daisies,

roses, and referrals to therapists

(not that you haven’t been seeing

a therapist already)

you have to come and see me

at 4 tomorrow

you need to see me in all my glory,

because without my

grand entrance I will only have my

dirty jeans


Photos by Drew Wilson.