And What If It Is All About Love

And What If It Is All About Love

By: Cultura Colectiva -

Robin Myers is a young poet and translator from New York, currently living in Mexico City. For her, writing a poem is like an itch that comes "sometimes like a line, sometimes an image, sometimes just a nebulous question or concern or juxtaposition". If we can learn something from Myers' work, it's the fact that poetry can help us understand life itself. In the poem "[And When]", we are confronted with the hardest question there is: what the hell is it all about?

And What If It Is All About Love 1


And when

in a dream I asked

someone wiser than myself

what the hell it was all

about, she said

love, and I said Oh

please, but it all

falls away,

we are made of water,

we live in an oil

spill, we kiss

the world through a handkerchief,

we invented

rubber bullets,

there must

be something

else. And I saw

that she was not

going to answer me



Published in Having / Tener (audisea., Argentina).


Images by Derrick Freske