At The End, What Is Left Of Us Is Our Strength

March 5, 2018

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poem by dixit k c

Dixit K. C. is a writer from Nepal currently living in Finland. In poetry, he finds a way of expressing some reflections about life, death and the memories that remain through time and space. His poem "At the End" describes the marks in History that show us that endings are a part of humankind.

poem by dixit k c 1


The endings are here to stay

when the stories are told

because how they end

will not necessary be

how things were

in between when

life happened.

Like the snowflakes

whose glories are lost

as the earth warms up

never allowing the snowmen

to complete their poems

describing how they

fell for the lights

that flickered

in their direction

in those sunless nights.

The endings are here to stay

when the battles are lost

because when the dead

are buried, their part of

the story dies with them.

What remains is a mark

that conveys how long

and seldom how well

they lived and

how hard they fought.


Images by @huntergillman

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Cultura Colectiva

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