Take These 7 Beach-Worthy Books On Your Summer Vacation

Take These 7 Beach-Worthy Books On Your Summer Vacation

By: Meagan Cahuasqui -

Summer is coming, and that means it’s vacation time! Except, not everyone can afford to take a luxurious trip to an exotic location. Luckily, that’s what reading is for. Get swept away this summer with these seven must-read books over your break.

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Winter is coming... but first we have to get through Summer. Beach. Sand. Long and sunny days. Get your flip-flops and your beach towel and head over to your favorite sunny spot with one of these recommendations.  

1. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

In this historical romp of a novel, Henry “Monty” Montague and his friends find themselves in a pickle involving alchemy and royal sabotage, all while journeying across Europe for their travel year.


With a roguish main character, LGBTQ+ representation, and shenanigans galore, it’s the perfect book to take you through a different time and place on your summer break.

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2. The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare

This is the first in Clare’s The Eldest Curses series. It follows fan favorites Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood (or Malec for the hardcore fans) as they battle demons and solve a mystery.


Though this takes place as part of the author’s Shadowhunter world, readers don’t need to be familiar with the previous novels to enjoy this excellent adventure in Europe with danger, magic, and plenty of action.

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3. Recursion by Blake Crouch

Crouch’s story takes you, not on an adventure across the world, but rather on a psychological journey.


In this thrilling sci-fi novel, people’s memories are being replaced with lives and experiences they never had. It’s up to the protagonists, Barry and Helena, to figure out what’s happening and, hopefully, put a stop to it.

4. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

If you’re looking for something with a lighter feel, but still filled with drama, then this is the novel for your summer break.

Filled with romance, gossip, and issues of culture, this book is the perfect fit for readers who want adventure without the heart-stopping danger. Plus, you get a glimpse of Chinese and Taiwanese cultures.

5. I’ll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie

For readers who don’t mind a little murder mystery with their sunny summer break, McKenzie’s upcoming novel hits all the right notes.

Five siblings return to the scene of a terrible murder after the death of their parents forces them to reunite and settle the estate. Each one is hiding a secret though that can help solve the mystery.

7 Beach Worthy Books For The  Summer@taylranne 

6. Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

You don’t need to be a teen to enjoy a fun frolic through the future in space in this YA sci-fi novel.


With a tagline that reads, “They're not the heroes we deserve. They're just the ones we could find. Nobody panic,” it’s hard to resist picking this one up.

7. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

McQuiston’s novel takes on the trope of the President’s kid getting into trouble and throws a delightful twist when he and Prince Henry (yes, you read that right) fall in love.

It’s an alternate history romantic comedy, perfect for that beachside read in the sun.

Pick one of these and let the hours melt away!

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