How To Tell If You're Feeling Love, Despair, Or Emptiness

How To Tell If You're Feeling Love, Despair, Or Emptiness

By: Cultura Colectiva -

How often have you felt despair or a deep rooted emptiness? Perhaps these gentle words will calm you and hold you close.

Jacob Arasim is a young writer and a student at the Boise State University. Arasim believes poetry is especially important as a medium to elevate experiences, an art form to expand on self-growth, nature, and storytelling. His sources of inspiration reflect his own life as a young, thriving college student. He draws from his existential crises of the twenties and all those relatable moments that challenge and sometimes boost his journey as a young writer.

How To Tell If Youre Feeling Love, Despair, Or Emptiness 1


A score below zero 

Not another step, too narrow. 

Of options smaller than a sliver 

Thoughts of you always make me shiver.

Where to begin now, it's poor 

A heart-wrapped present from the core 

But my stomach keeps it coiled 

Thus my plans always foiled.

It's worth sitting miles to ponder 

"Where could we be, now?" I wonder. 

Right, wrong, I'm not so sure 

But your sight is eternally pure.

Following this trail diminishing

Weightless in space and rocks skirmishing. 

Where will I fall after crumble-through? 

Love? Despair? Nothing? I hope it's with you.


Photos by Melania Brescia.