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Thought-Provoking Books Similar to “The Little Prince”

Por: Alejandro Vizzuett17 de enero de 2023

Keep the flame of imagination and learning alive with these thought-provoking books similar to “The Little Prince.”

The great teachings that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry left us in The Little Prince are so many, that we can even find many meanings and purposes if we read them in different moments of our lives. More than often, people think of children’s literature as only important in our early development, but going back to these stories can definitely make us redefine our lives and paths.

So, if you’re looking for some books to reflect on your present, there’s no way better than looking back into the past. Here are some books similar to The Little Prince that will make you reflect and are a great way to keep alive the flame of hope and learning that that author and his little character ignited within us.

Thought-provoking books similar to The Little Prince

The Neverending Story

Author: Michael Ende

Year: 1979

Pages: 496

Many of us know the adaptation that Warner made to this great story by Michael Ende, although that one is unfinished because it only shows a part of all the genius he shared in this book. It follows Bastian, a misfit boy who one day steals a novel that tells the story of Fantasia, a kingdom that is threatened by an unknown evil. This being is called “The Nothing” and Atreyu, the protagonist must find a way to save the world and its Empress from him. However, Bastian will become so involved in the story that he will end up becoming part of it!

Winnie the Pooh

Author: Alan Alexander Milne

Year: 1926

Pages: 114

If you thought that Disney was the one who invented this good-natured little bear who only wants to eat honey all day long, you are very wrong, since this character was actually an invention of Alan Alexander Milne. He found inspiration in the teddy bear that his son, Christopher Robin Milne, had; so, after making a story starring the bear and a boy he named after his son, he decided to create a whole adventure story full of incredible and thoughtful moments.

A Monster Calls

Author: Patrick Ness

Year: 2011

Pages: 208

A difficult yet heartwarming story. It follows Connor, a 13-year-old boy who keeps having a nightmare: darkness, wind, and screams. One day, he is awakened by a voice on the outskirts that turns out to belong to a monster. The creature claims that he summoned him to help him by telling him three stories and that he will only disappear if he tells him his own story.

The Wind in the Willows

Author: Kenneth Grahame

Year: 1908

Pages: 137

This story, a classic of children’s literature, was written through letters the author wrote to his young son, which he collected in a single volume for later publication. In this story, a mole, who is tired of spring cleaning, decides to go for a walk to see what the outside world is like and what surprises he will find there. Thus, he befriends a water rat, and together they meet a lot of characters with whom they will live several adventures and learn various life lessons.

Bridge to Terabithia

Author: Katherine Paterson

Year: 1977

Pages: 184

A fantasy story that, although it has a bitter touch towards the end, is still a much-needed read for those facing grief. It follows Jess, a poor boy who dreams of being the best runner in his class. One day, he meets Leslie, the new girl at his school, who happens to be faster than him. A rivalry begins between the two of them that turns into friendship, and since they both live nearby, they decide to live adventures together in an imaginary world called Terabithia, which could only be accessed from a swing over a river. However, a tragedy occurs at a time when she decides to go to that world without him.

The Prophet

Author: Kahlil Gibrán

Year: 1923

Pages: 144

Although this book has a story that connects all the chapters, it is actually a series of life lessons that are very necessary to understand how to enjoy life better. It follows a prophet who decides to leave his village, although the local people stop him and ask him to give them some lessons before leaving. Thus, he talks to them about things like love, marriage, work, joy, pain, teaching, passion, reason, beauty, religion, goodness, evil, and many other things.

Peter Pan and Wendy

Author: J. M. Barrie

Year: 1911

Pages: 272

Disney did not invent this story either, although it did manage to popularize it with its adaptation of J. M. Barrie’s novel. It follows the story of the Darlings, whose children, Wendy, John, and Michael, become intertwined in the life of Peter Pan, a young boy who enters their house chasing his shadow. The children thought Pan was just a fictional character, and realizing that he was as real as they are, they decide to accompany him to his country, Neverland, where they will experience adventures and give new meaning to growing up.


Author: Michael Ende

Year: 1973

Pages: 320

This criticism of consumerism in the form of a fable is one of Michael Ende’s most acclaimed stories. It shows us a world that is controlled by the “gray men,” individuals who represent the Bank of Time and seek to make people save it and stop enjoying the simple pleasures of life, such as sleeping, seeing art, or imagining. In this context, Momo, a girl with a special personality, becomes a threat to the social structure, so the “men in gray” will seek to stop her at all costs.


Author: Neil Gaiman

Year: 2002

Pages: 160

This is, perhaps, one of Neil Gaiman’s most popular stories, read and enjoyed by young and old alike. It tells the story of Coraline, a curious girl who had to leave her home and her friends because of her parent’s job, who ignore her because of their obligations. In her new place, a boarding house, she meets several characters who only bore and annoy her. But everything changes when she finds a door that, although at first seemed sealed, later becomes a portal to another world where everything is more colorful and fun, but without suspecting that there she could find her doom.

Which of these thought-provoking books similar to The Little Prince is the one that caught your interest the most?

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