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11 Franz Kafka Quotes That Will Make You Question Your Existence

3 de julio de 2018

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If you have been in an existencial crisis, you might feel related to these Franz Kafka quotes.

Existencial crises happen to almost everyone, even to popular writers, as it is reflected in these Franz Kafka quotes. I'm pretty sure you've all been there in one way or another, whether it is because you question yourself if your work is good enough, if you will ever find the love of your life or if your life is really relevant at all.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) is one of the most popular writers in German language. He was born in a jewish family in Prague, in which the father was very strict regarding his children education but also very unsupportive of the artistic interest of them.

His most popular book is The Metarmorphosis, a story of a man who one day wakes up and finds out he was turned into an insect. Kafka explore some of his personal issues in this book, which is considered kind of autobiographical.

It was thanks to his friend Max Brod that we have the fortune to have the text. After suffering from a tuberculosis that almost killed him, Kafka asked his friend to burn all of his manuscripts, but one year after the writer finished the story, Max shared the news of this short novel with the editor Kurt Wolff. In the beginning, Kafka agreed, but then he had some doubts, as he was in the middle of a crisis with his girlfriend Felice. In 1914, Kafka send the draft to another publisher who declined on publishing it, so he sent it back to Wolff, who published it in a magazine in 1915.

His influence goes beyond literature, as we often refer to something being "kafkaesque", like when we are in the middle of bizarre situations far from what we think is logical, or when we face a menacing situation that makes us feel paranoid or persecuted.

So get in a "kafkaesque" mood and let us know if you have ever feel this way.

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