I Want To Become The Rhythm Of Your Heartbeat

I Want To Become The Rhythm Of Your Heartbeat

Star LaBranche was born exactly one month before Jem and the Holograms aired on television. The poet currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA, she works at ECPI University in Content Marketing and attends classes in their Business Administration program. Star describes herself as a dedicated cat mom, and enjoys quiet evenings at home with her Maine Coon mix, Happy Cat. With a transparent use of language, LaBranche's poems reflect on the pains and perks of being a woman in today's world.


I want to touch your brows

stroke your sides with my nails

lay on your chest and become the

rhythm of your heartbeat

pull you apart until I can

climb inside your flesh

and once I do, you will shelter

me from the world I can’t seem to

navigate on my own

once I wear you like armor

I’ll know that no one,

not even myself, can touch me


Photos by Alex Mari.