6 James Franco Poems That You've Probably Never Heard Of

Some of them are dedicated to singers, actors, and climate change and his peculiar worldview is printed in all of them.

James Franco is known for several roles on both the big and small screen; but he has also shown his enthusiasm for the arts in general with his pictorial and written works. He began his acting career in television with a late 90s show called Freaks and from then on he made his way to the great artistic productions diversifying his curriculum. Franco has always been known for his acid and unique sense of humor as well as for his academic and environmental concerns. He has made several university studies in Literature and audiovisual production at the most prestigious universities in the United States since 2006; he has a PhD in English at Yale University.

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He has written 10 books and has dedicated many verses to the themes he loves most and as well as to some friends. For instance, James Franco sought to honor his friend and colleague Heath Ledger in his book


Straight James / Gay James

, a book of pop poetry from the world of celebrities and cinema, but has been severely criticized for the rhymes dedicated to the late actor;

Ledger (fragment)

“There had been a time
When we were up for the same roles,
10 Things I Hate about You
(Based on),
And The Patriot -
Funny, you were Australian and so was Mel -
You were the knight in A Knight’s Tale… ”


I also include a poem to her great friend, Lana Del Rey, creating a peculiar and very specific portrait of the singer and songwriter.

Born to die (fragment)

"It is said that it once belonged to Charlie Chaplin,
but you know what they say about all the departments in L.A.
I dream of Lana Del Rey,
And she dreams of Lana Del Rey.
And it's Lana Del Rey,
a dream that she created and in which it was introduced.
(Is she going to stay in the dream forever?)


In my little apartment I have my pot
My wigs and my makeup,
Which I get slowly, in slow motion,
In my mirror of Marylin with the starlight.
And "Born to Die" in repetition,
And an orange fire in the background ».

On the other hand Franco has tried to address deeply problematic issues, such as climate change, but the metaphors and analogies are far from the doctorate awarded by the prestigious Yale.


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I was born in a world (fragment)

« I was born into a world
Before recycling was a thing,
Before oil wars,
When the biggest world
Threat was nuclear.
The only extinct thing
Was the Dodo,
We consumed and junked.
Then we were told about
Droughts, and disappearing
About melting ice caps,
And we fought Iraq
For a second time,
Like father like son,
We needed our oil
Because we didn’t want
Those electric cars.
At one time there were
Huge monsters that
Walked where we walk,
Nature swallowed them easy.
Or maybe you believe
It all started with Adam and Eve,
But they too were kicked
From the garden
As are we,
With our poison beaches
Run down towns
And our atmosphere
That kills.
I write a poem
And preach to the converted.
We send out loud messages
To ourselves,
That our world is dying:
1984, Blade Runner,
Armageddon, The Road.
I’ve yet to read a book,
Or watch a film about a future
I’d like to live in.
Fortunately for me,
I’ll die before the earth,
But I’d like a place for my
Computer chip self
To click and beep
In bright, clean happiness.».


«I am writing to you because there are so many words
That don’t have form, and when I put them on paper,
They have a little form, but then I worry that it’s not the right form
And then I know that my thinking is not clear.
But but but, the years go by, and decisions are made,
Like wind blowing leaves down a backlit tunnel,
Just words going round, and the form is ridiculous,
And now I think I need a little red in here, okay,
Look at the hood of her Stanford sweatshirt, the girl
I'm in love with, a fucking miracle,
A rippling blue miracle breaking on the surface of the lake,
After I've dropped my lucky penny through.
Hello down there.
Hello up there ».



«There is a fake version of me
And he’s the one that writes
These poems.
He has an attitude and swagger
That I don’t have.
But on the page, this fake me
Is the me that speaks.
And this fake me is louder
Than the real me, and he
Is the one that everyone knows.
He’s become the real me
Because everyone treats me
Like I’m the fake me. ”

Splash Mountain

«New Orleans Square is my favorite part of Disneyland.
I spent two New Year’s Eves on one of the balconies there
Watching the Mickey Mouse fireworks, sad,
And searching for something good.
Tom Sawyer Island used to be across the way
And now the Swiss Family Robinson Tree is gone.
When I was young
My dad bought us guns
From the pirate shop.
When we were older
We fingered girls in the Haunted House,
And went down Splash Mountain.
We went through Pirates of the Caribbean:
Pirates raping pigs and women, raiding
And ribaldry, men tortured, and gold taken.
Treasure and rape. And the boat floats so
Gently down the way. I want to get out and sit with the old
Man on the cabin porch».


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