Why You Should Stop Everything And Read Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”

Why You Should Stop Everything And Read Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”

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This memoir penned by the former First Lady just hit the shelves and is a must read. Find out why you should drop everything and read Michelle Obama's new book "Becoming."

By Adriana C. Melendez Lopez

When I first heard that Michelle Obama was coming up with a book, I knew it was going to be good. Thankfully, she didn’t disappoint at all. Instead, I was blown away by her candor and charisma as a writer, captured by her words in such a way that I didn’t want to put her book down. So, I urge you to keep reading to find out what you can expect from it and why you should stop everything and read Michelle Obama's new book, Becoming. 

Drop everything and read Michelle Obamas new book Becoming.

Let’s begin by stating what is actually in Michelle Obama’s Becoming, and what you can expect to read about in her book. Since the book is her memoir, we get to see Michelle narrate her life, from the earliest recollections of her childhood to her last days in the White House as First Lady of the United States. We get a new perspective into events that were far from us as citizens, like the moment Barack Obama announced his candidacy, or when Michelle met Queen Elizabeth of England. But we also get an inside look into the more intimate moments of her life, like her days at Princeton, the early days of her relationship with Barack Obama, and her miscarriage.

Drop everything and read Michelle Obamas new book Becoming.

Despite her status as former First Lady, her writing is always easy-going and relatable, narrating her life as if the reader were someone close to her. The book is never boring; on the contrary, she keeps the reader engaged with her thoughts and advice as she narrates the most significant events in her life. She clearly demonstrates how hard she worked to get to where she is, while also crediting everyone who supported her along the way. Her emphasis on supporting women and minorities is engrained through the book, referencing stories from hundreds of people she has met throughout her life.
Why You Should Stop Everything And Read Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” 1

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Did I also mention this book has pictures? It has pictures! From pictures of her childhood to a young Michelle and Barack in their first apartment. The pictures add another layer of insight into who Michelle is, and it allows readers to know the stories behind them better.

Drop everything and read Michelle Obamas new book Becoming.

Above all else, Michelle’s story is about becoming who we are meant to be, and it never derails from that. It’s about fighting stereotypes and misconceptions through success. It’s about the power of education and hard work. But most of all, it’s about knowing that even through dark times, we can reach the light with hope and faith.

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