Let Me Miss You But Don’t Let Me Forget You

Let Me Miss You But Don’t Let Me Forget You

By: Carla Sant -

missing you poem

Love is hard to understand. It’s full of contradictions as shown in the following poem:

At times I want you to leave so I can miss you.

To feel solitude and be overpowered by it.

To be freed like a falling storm.

With the force of winter and the deep love I bear inside.

I need you to leave. I want to be left behind.

To feel gray and retake strength from loneliness to paint on this canvas. To transform it into the start of this suspense.

It’s not long before I wish you gone. For your image to slightly vanish.

And then I softly begin to long as I sense how my body yearns to see and feel.

Let me miss you. Let me think of you. Let me dream of you.

With renewed energy I want to posses you.

Remain trapped in my arms while my mind records.

My body will hold you so I can love with freedom.

Then, with time, let me miss you but don’t let me forget you.

missing you love poem

Translated by María Suárez