A Poem For Those Who Have Fallen And Found The Strength To Endure

May 25, 2018

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poem by sharlie louise

Sharlie Louise is a young poet from Melbourne, Australia. Louise's verses capture the purity of love, and they remind us of how beautiful passion can be when it truly comes from the heart.

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I am of the barren born

birthed in agonising desolation.

Like one green shoot rising, striving through the broken desert cracks.

Like one first full drop of rain falling on a parched and longing landscape.

I am of the barren born

Unlike those who’ve strived in fruit-filled Edens,

Unlike those who’ve strived in rich, deep soil

I have toiled.

I have toiled and spent my strength.

I have been ripped and roughed and pressed and shredded.

I have withered and crumbled and cracked.

Been tossed aside and led to decay,

as a starved calf corpse that shrinks into its drought,

I have shrunk into a skeleton of me. But.

I am of the barren born.

Where in this burial new sinews were formed.

Where in this wasteland I was drawn out,

stretched and renewed.

Birthed through what bruised.

Pushed through the canal of defeat until – against all odds –

breath, love, light, hope rushed into me.

I am of the barren born.

Like many fearless soldiers who have gone before.

Rising through those dry desert cracks,

they make a way through the wilderness.

They inch through sterile fields, declaring,

I am here, I am here.

Though I’m hated, I am here.

Though you planted me in infertile emptiness

I will grow and I will strive and I will thrive


I am of the barren born.

And one by one their voices accord,

and one by one new shoots are formed.

And in this arid, dehydrated land,

The incredible rumblings of birthing pains abound.

We are of the barren born,

and, slowly, through us, a forest will form.


Photos by Derrick Freske.

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Cultura Colectiva

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