Things I Wish To Say To My Dearest Abusers

Things I Wish To Say To My Dearest Abusers

By: Cultura Colectiva -

Binta Jalloh is a young American poet. Her verses reflect the pains and doubts of humankind, and the constant search for answers and signals that show us our value. Her poem "My Dearest Abusers" is a reminder that through the struggles of life and the violence others inflict on us, there´s always hope.

Things I Wish To Say To My Dearest Abusers 1


Surviving means remaining alive or in existence, and also to carry on despite hardships.

Overcoming means to prevail, surmount and being triumphant.

But I have my own definition of overcoming and surviving.

I overcame because I lived to tell the story.

I overcame because I choose and allowed God to heal me.

I overcame because I allowed God to retrieve the shattered pieces of me

and allowed Him to piece me back together.

I overcame because I chose not to pass on

my brokenness and past trauma onto my child.

I overcame to be sane, liberated and whole

in order to live my God-given destiny.

I overcame to help and let others know there’s a way out

and though fear grips at me as I try to find a way out

I push on.

I overcame to let my abusers know that —though they tried to destroy me— in the end

I will write the last stroke of the pen to my story.

I overcame because deep down inside of my soul

I always knew I was destined for greatness.

I could sense and feel the light that many had tried to snuff out of me,

I always managed to keep flickering.

I overcame because I was and still am determined to know

and experience what’s on the other side.

For I’m already accustomed to what has been or have been

that now I want to know what could and can be

which is royalty and greatness.

And I say that in all humility.

So I say with my hands beating on my chest to God, my beloved son and myself,

I overcame.


Photos by Melania Brescia.