Youll Need To Jump And See If Your Wings Are For Real

Youll Need To Jump And See If Your Wings Are For Real

Dixit K. C. is a writer from Nepal currently living in Finland. In poetry, he finds a way of expressing some reflections about life, death and the memories that remain through time and space. His poems "Perspective" and "Slave or Not" expose the burdens and pains of modern life, and the concept of freedom in our century.


Sometimes some questions are

darker than the night itself,

deeper than the secrets

you have buried beneath your skin.

As you struggle to find the answers

that haunt your peace, you wonder

whether to look within or beyond,

whether to seek convenience

in the closest explanations

or to crawl for the truth

that might lie in the distant light

which might enlighten you

at the same time, blow you

into ashes swept by a feeble wind.

Your truth demands you

to shatter the stained window

and take a leap forward.

You! You need to jump,

you need to test

if your wings are for real.


The realities of life are such

that the roses aren’t red anymore,

at the end of the rainbow

one doesn’t find any treasure,

but only a signboard that reads


The very idea of

freedom gets challenged

as one discovers

that rivers are dammed.

It is then one submits

to the open-aired prison

and makes peace

with the idea of being enslaved. 


Photos by @deanastacia