I Might Fall For You But I Won’t Lose My Mind Over You

I Might Fall For You But I Won’t Lose My Mind Over You

By: Grecia W -

After our heart is broken we go through a restructuring process. We no longer see life or relationships in the same way we used to. Our chest is now safeguarded by a barrier that keeps us from any possible harm. But one day, someone will come to dismantle our carefully placed wall.

Before We Start Broken Heart New Love

I want to tell you something:

I’ll talk to you when I feel like it,

I won’t play this love game.

You won’t be who is always looking for me.

I’ll answer when I’m in a conversational mood,

I won’t check up on you or everything you do.

I need you to know that I have my own life, just as you have yours.

I need you to allow me my own space,

Without holding it against me or asking for time I cannot give you.

I might fall for you, maybe even love you,

But I won’t lose my mind over you.

Broken Heart New Love

You are the perfect love, just not the one I’ve been waiting for.

Your perfection lies in allowing my sanity

While keeping that charm of yours.

You’re perfect because you can fall deeper than I can.

You’re just the man every brokenhearted woman needs,

One who will care and love more than I’m able to.

I need you to not get confused into thinking I don’t care about you,

You just happen to be a man with a stronger heart than mine.

You matter to me, but I matter more to you, and I like that.

You’re the perfect cure for my wounds, the one who can for take care of me.

Poem Broken Heart New Love

With time, life has eaten away at my feelings,

Only you can remedy all that damage.

I want to tell you about how I forgot how to love, how I stopped believing,

But if you keep up the pace, you might fall even more in love.

It won't be time but your love that will heal me,

I will let you win me over,

So that when I believe again I can repay you for all your gifts.

You’ll let me pay for you, I’ll cook you something delicious;

I’ll drive you mad with my love making skills.

You will fill me with love so that when I’m ready,

It will be so perfect you’ll want to seduce me every day.

I’ll admit I’m afraid of starting over,

That once more it will all end in failure,

But there’s something about you that makes me want to take a risk, however small.

Photo credit: yoisx

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Translated by María Suárez