Music Bleeds As You Sing

Music Bleeds As You Sing

Books Music Bleeds As You Sing

Poetry and every aspect of creative writing lends itself to speaking against the social order.

The following is a poem by Estefanía Rengifo Palomino that reflects on poverty, injustice, and the beauty that remains amidst chaos.

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Fluorescent Poverty

Your neighbor’s poverty is a fish in a sea of evils

in a city that rises early, misfortune turns fluorescent

eyelids close, the world’s wound is opened.

Drunks and children sleep on the same floor

mothers and the feral perish in the jungle of despair

as you walk by their tragic path.

Tears spring as C, D, E from your guitar.

Look at that five-year-old

with twice a lifetime of sorrow

he ignores while he’s content to play with cardboard and discarded toys.

Fortune is no company, neither does it exist,

those are destinies and whims of the rich,


The cynicism!

Kindness is lost in favor of the sense of security

they’ve been tamed with golden whips

as they search for valued paper that’s infected.

Music bleeds as you sing.

You unwittingly take it all in

your beauty echoes through the fragrant streets.

The melody dissolves in the wind

trash flies by.

Your song is uncanny

it reaches the child you left a street behind.

He hums as he picks up trash with the steady choir of roosters,

the world’s open sore is harsh and dramatic.

It’s called poverty.

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