6 reading challenges that you can take at any time of the year

Who says you need to start your reading goals at the beginning of the year?

Have you ever wanted to set yourself a reading goal? Are you eager to surpass the number of books that you’ve indulged last year? Maybe you’d like to explore new genres that might become your favorite? 

The great thing about a reading challenge is that it’s a fun way to achieve your reading expectations while serving as a type of guide. And the best thing? Anyone can be a part of it! 


Here are 6 reading challenges that you can take at any time of the year.


  • A book about time.
  • A book by an author from your country or state.
  • A book about family.
  • A book of poetry.
  • A book about a refugee experience.
  • An illustrated book. 
  • A book about mental health.
  • A book about a city.
  • A coming-of-age story. 
  • A book you read just because.
  • Rainbow reading challenge

  • A book with the word “red” on its title.
  • A book with an orange cover.
  • A book with a yellow object (Ex. Bus, dress, sun).
  • A book with a green setting (Ex. Forest, jungle).
  • A book with a story that gives a vibe of the color psychology of blue (Ex. Calmness, serenity, order).
  • A book with an indigo-colored part (Ex. Title, author’s name, quote).
  • A book with a character that’s named after violet. 

    A book that has the word…

  • Star
  • Throne
  • Coffee
  • War
  • Secret
  • Why
  • Lost 
  • Once
  • Road
  • Storm
  • Note: The word can be part of the title, plot, chapter, or even from a quote of the book.


    Try something new

  • A book from a genre you haven’t read before (Sci-fi, thriller, romance…).
  • A book with a different format (Ex. Graphic novel, short story, e-book…).
  • A book adapted to a movie or show you haven’t seen. 
  • A book written by an author that you haven’t read or heard about.
  • A book with a point of view that’s different from what you’re used to (Ex. Second person, alternating, limited…).
  • A book related to a country (It can be the author’s nationality, the story’s setting, the main theme, etc.).
  • Nonfiction

  • Memoir/biography
  • History
  • Science
  • Philosophy
  • Self-Help
  • Essay
  • Health/Wellness (Ex. Sleeping habits, stress management)

    This or That

  • A book that will be published this year or a book you meant to read last year.
  • A book that you recently added to your shelf or reread a favorite.
  • A book recommended by a friend/family member or pick a book at random.
  • A popular author or a debut author.
  • A winner book or a nominated book (Ex. Goodreads Awards, Novel Prize, International Booker Prize).
  • A bestseller or an underrated book.
  • A banned book or a retelling of a classic.
  • A long novel (a book with more than 500 pages) or a novella (a book with 200 pages or less).
  • A non-fiction or a fantasy/sci-fi book.
  • A plot-driven or character-driven book (Plot-driven: The story focuses on a set of choices the character must take; ex. External conflicts, quest. Character-driven: The story focuses on studying the character; ex. Inner transformation, developing relationships).
  • Which one did you find the most appealing? Would you take all of them?

    Images from: Pixabay, Gaby Flores

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