What Happens When You Try To Be Everything Someone Else Needs

March 26, 2018

|Cultura Colectiva
poem by star labranche

Star LaBranche was born exactly one month before Jem and the Holograms aired on television. The poet currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA, she works at ECPI University in Content Marketing and attends classes in their Business Administration program. Star describes herself as a dedicated cat mom, and enjoys quiet evenings at home with her Maine Coon mix, Happy Cat. With a transparent use of language, LaBranche's poems reflect on the pains of love, identity and being a woman in today's world.

poem by star labranche 1


I cast myself as the greatest lover

who had ever lived

simply no one was willing to do what

I did to make you fulfilled and after

all I sacrificed, my title could not be


and isn’t that how it works?

isn’t love supposed to be the giving of yourself so completely

there’s no self left for you

you live to be everything someone

else needs until you don’t remember that

you once had those same needs, too

that’s right —


that’s the only

way I know how


Photos by Melania Brescia.

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Cultura Colectiva

Cultura Colectiva