6 Short Books to Read and Pack For Your Trips

6 Short Books to Read and Pack For Your Trips

By: Meagan Cahuasqui -

Here are some easy-to-pack novels that won’t take up too much space in your carry-on bag.

Readers, of course, always want to have a book on hand for those long flights and layovers. While ebooks and audiobooks are easier to transport, many prefer to hold a physical copy in their hands. Here are some easy-to-pack novels that won’t take up too much space in your carry-on bag.

Birdie by Tracey Lindberg

short books to read in your trips@sarjesa_incAlthough it’s just under 300 pages long, this novel is heavy with meaning and packs an emotional punch. Following the protagonist Birdie, the novel shows how trauma and its ensuing depression can affect a whole family, not just an individual. This is also a great read to diversify a reading list, as it is written by and about an indigenous person.

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski

short books to read in your trips@zivotknjigoholicarkeFor fans of The Witcher games anxiously waiting for the upcoming Netflix show, Sapkowkski offers a series of adventures in the universe through short novels falling just under 300 pages. The prequel to the series, The Last Wish, is a collection of short stories about a sorcerer and an assassin, Geralt of Rivia. Since it’s a series of short tales, it makes it easy to pick up and put down at intervals while on vacation.

American Housewife by Helen Ellis

short books to read in your trips@snacksonrotationEllis’s collection of short stories comes in at just over 200 pages, making it an easy book to transport in a backpack or purse. The collection contains darkly comedic tales of what housewives get up to all day, from murder to hosting suspicious book clubs. Fans of murder mysteries and thrillers with a dash of humor will find something to tickle their fancy within the collection of short stories.

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Chemistry by Weike Wang

short books to read in your trips@sarah.a77eThis is a sweet romance that follows a PhD student as she gets overwhelmed by the positive path her life has taken. At 224 pages, this is an easy book to travel with, whether it’s on a bus, on a plane or in a car. Readers can fall in love with the protagonist as she comes of age and discovers what she really wants, all from the comfort of their chairs of whatever transportation they take.

Scriptorium: Poems by Melissa Range

short books to read in your trips

For the ultimate short book to read while on vacation, consider a collection of poetry. Range’s poetry collection Scriptorium offers a view of Southern religion and its evolution from medieval England to modern-day Tennessee. Full of rich language and compelling images, it’s a beautiful collection of poems to make any vacation better.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

short books to read in your trips@readingnsippingFans of dystopian sci-fi novels that are farfetched, but just plausible enough to be unsettling, will love the story of Kathy and Tommy. Though it is just under 300 pages, this book carries a powerful story of love, mystery, fate, and the morality of scientific endeavors. Readers of science fiction can take this compelling short read with them to devour on a day by the pool.

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