There Is A War In The Sky That Takes Everything I Love

March 5, 2018

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sky at war poem by dixit k c

Dixit K. C. is a writer from Nepal currently living in Finland. In poetry, he finds a way of expressing some reflections about life, death and the memories that remain through time and space. His poem "Sky At War" describes the horrors of conflict through the eyes of the innocent.

sky at war poem by dixit k c 1


I used to love the sky above

It used to rain on me

And I used to enjoy

every drop of it.


It also used to steal my balloons

Inflated those would fly

higher into its arms.

But not anymore.

Now it rains death,

bombs my town,

shatters my home.

It steals my loved ones,

robs their souls,

leaves me an orphan.

I have now dropped the idea of

fetching my balloons back

Rather than wings,

I now wish to grow fins

to swim away to life

far from the sinned sky

above me.


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Cultura Colectiva

Cultura Colectiva