I'm Heartless, But That Shouldn't Suggest I'm Not Soulful

I'm Heartless, But That Shouldn't Suggest I'm Not Soulful

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By: Cultura Colectiva

May 11, 2018

Books I'm Heartless, But That Shouldn't Suggest I'm Not Soulful
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By: Cultura Colectiva

May 11, 2018

A poem to share with your lover.

Celine Joubert is a young writer and touring performer who focuses on acting, singing, coaching, as well as public speaking. Her creative process for art comes from within, and especially floods from her fingertips when emotions —such as suffering and despair— are experienced. Celine finds poetry to be a careful balance and an intricate form of expression that few possess the gift for. In her own words: "a great poet is someone who can put into words those strange notions that are always felt in life, but never seem to make plain sense. Inspiration for me stems from any being that is unapologetic about themselves and their frankness. Anyone or thing that doesn’t sweeten the load, who lets on like it is —how they experienced it".


I'm heartless.

But that shouldn't suggest I'm not soulful.

We're discussing two different spectrums here, my lover.


I will admit to your accusations of treachery and crudeness.

Easily said.

What I can’t explain to you is this;

The denial of underlying reason.

Yet you know I love you.

Yes you do.

My soft spot for your kind is known.

The retreat lies in the plain fact that you won't attack me,

And even more so that you don't attempt to shade your circumstances.

To admit is to steal my challenge away.

And that is what you people do best—

Amongst the crowds of fakes and liars,

Cheats and rotten bastards.


In return I share an enormous scale of respect towards yourself—

A colossal debt I pay to you.

However the saying is still among us.

Therefore I could shed my skin a thousand and one ways,

Each of them unique to the last.

But in the end, I will forever remain that ancient slithering reptile.

Im Heartless, But That Shouldnt Suggest Im Not Soulful 1


Don’t tell it to me; 

When tan is not only the season’s sole runway shade,

But his favoured tone on a dirty-blonde slight frame. 

Yet once a midnight Betty polka-dots her silky path

Through the catwalk into his reason behind laughter,

The entirety of his close-eyed visions will differentiate.

As much as it was the new insight into thick silhouettes,

Paired with matching course hair, rich insight and touch - 

It was her teasing compassion against other bland bark 

Who’s flavour come as flat as their white lace cup sizes.

No more comparison between rock-pools and a deep woman.

Ever since sweets,

I know you look for my package in the busts of other blue-eyed bunnies. 

I see how you sigh and tire of plain Jane’s usual tricks at the bar, on the dance floor. 

Because you’d rather ride the coaster than the carousel. 

No mutts. You’re playing with thoroughbred bitches now.


Photos by @deanastacia