Poems For Those Who Suffer From Too Many Obsessions

Poems For Those Who Suffer From Too Many Obsessions

By: Cultura Colectiva -

Your mind twists with all the things you want to do and achieve and you crave more obsessions, just one more...

Love, desire, and self-reflection, these are the complex ideas R Bremner brings to life in his poetry. With just a few lines, Bremner achieves something quite unique and valuable: the power to put on pause the beauty that surrounds our lives and turn it into words that last forever.


Too many obsessions for one life to carry

will cause a back to droop eventually

Good karma like good coffee is often hard to find

when soaked in the relative liquor of the mind

Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go

Your best chance for a life was lost long ago

Let the play go on without changing the script

so you can see it is dead where it lays in the crypt


Maybe one obsession will shock and bear fruit

and bring with it fruit flies to help it take root

So straighten your back and walk like a man

Calm and patience will formulate a plan

You may now snicker at the lives that you lost;

you know that you simply couldn’t meet the cost

Poems For Those Who Suffer From Too Many Obsessions 1


Why are you here? The broken plate can hold no food for you.

Is it your belief that

denial of skin can cause bones to burn?

When is the right time to bleed?

Who decides when the ugly day is to start?

Can one strike a match to the arrival of Spring,

and recoil from its swollen promises before it blazes?

(for Peggy Vassallo)

(appeared in Diaphonous Press, 2017)


You —a mosaic palace, rent with earthquakes

I —a Dutch tulip garden blown to the stars with dynamite

Us —the secret of the volcano, the secret of the revolution,

that a thing can be violent and yet fruitful

You —“It is not my fault that you came.”

I —“No, it is never your fault, it was not your fault that Troy fell.”

(after G. K. Chesterton’s “The Paradise of Thieves”)

(appeared in Diaphonous Press, 2017)


Photos by Elliott Dunning.