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What would have happened if ancient civilizations hadn't been colonized? Would their scientific improvements be the solution to many of our problems?
Too often, having dark skin makes it difficult to find the right tattoo artist or design. But we’ve got you covered. Here are some beautiful tattoos to inspire you!
The city of Seoul is packed with novelties, blinking lights, and loud music. Not for anything Korea is the place of origin of the most recent music craze that took over the AMAs this year; but it also offers some solace for those who are looking for a more calm experience: cozy coffee shops.
A witch-inspired tattoo has it all: beauty, mystery, and a message of empowerment.
Tiny tattoos are sophisticated and elegant, and New York-based tattoo artist JonBoy is an expert in the subject.
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Drinks aplenty, a cool playlist, and a great guest list are the main elements for a good party, but the perfect decoration can make it really memorable.
Whether it’s ending a relationship, quitting that job, or finally graduating from school, commemorate what you’ve been through by getting some celebratory ink.
Tattoos are an artful way to express our personality on our skin. These cubist designs can be a perfect choice for those art lovers or artists who want a unique and sophisticated artwork on their skin.
Who named Santa Claus the king of the Holidays? Why does everything have to be decorated with his colors and face? If you feel the same, check out these alternative ideas to revamp your Christmas spirit.