10 Secrets Your Tattoo Artist Will Never Reveal

10 Secrets Your Tattoo Artist Will Never Reveal

By: Andrea Mendez -

The tattoo industry has grown and become one of the most profitable businesses in the world.
These professionals possess great talent and invest a lot of time perfecting their techniques, an asset that has turned them into true artists. 

The hourly labor cost paid to tattoo artists in the US is between 80 USD and 350 USD. The range may vary according to the popularity or location of the artist. However, the real money comes from tattoo removals. The mistakes that come back to haunt us in our adulthood are part of the success of this industry.
Artists keep quiet since their job requires them to be polite and satisfy the needs of every customer, even if it means that deep down they know we'll regret our choices.

These are 10 secrets your tattoo artist will never reveal...



They are also know as The Kiss of Death, almost every relationship is bound to end if you decide to get matching tattoos. It doesn't matter how serious your relationship is, or if you've been married for 50 years. it is not a good idea! Never... Ever! But your tattoo artist is a nice person and doesn't want to tell you that you'll regret it for the rest of your life.

Are you sure you need another tattoo?


Even if you've become an addict, the space on your skin is limited and the free areas are the most painful, your artist will never say no. I mean, it's their job.

Not every shop does finger tattoos


They are tiny and beautiful, but they are difficult to do. Not every shop does them, but you will not find this info on their websites. Why? Tattoos on the hands fade quite quickly because we put them to use every day.
 Artists don't want to spend hours creating something that will eventually disappear. 

Inner lips tattoos are temporary


Just like it happens with your fingers, the tattoo will be gone sooner than later. The area is constantly humid and all the money you paid will be wasted. Some artists refuse to do them.

Getting a tattoo on summer might not be the best idea


The weather is nice and hot, but the sun will ruin the healing process of the tattoo. The ink used is not UVA and UVB resistant. You should avoid the sun and the beach for a couple of weeks.

Tipping your artists


They will not ask you to tip them because it might be rude, but it is a common practice. If you were given a piece of art you should give extra money. Dirk Vermin, owner of a tattoo shop in Las Vegas, recommends 20 dollars for every 100 dollars (20%). 

Have an idea of your design


They will not make the choice for you, it's your skin. You should have a general idea of your design and they will help you get a better result.

White ink tattoos


They will eventually turn yellow.

Prices are not negotiable


Bear in mind that the process of tattooing is long and complicated. If it is a highly elaborate piece, it will be more expensive. The artist is not trying to rip you off, but you're free to research other options.

They hate copying other artists


You're basically telling them they're not good enough. All artists have their own signature and you better let them be creative. The results will be worth it.