20 Details That Will Make Any Woman More Elegant

20 Details That Will Make Any Woman More Elegant

By: Olympia Villagrán -

Vivian hesitantly steps into a boutique shop in LA where she expects to buy a few outfits Edward Lewis wishes to gift to her in order to make her feel more comfortable as she walks down the busy city streets. Her mini denim skirt, ripped top, and attractive, tousled curly hair causes quite a stir as she browses the shops lined up in Rodeo Drive. Her clothes have almost barred her entry into the hotel where she is staying with the future love of her life. They painfully highlight the fact that she is more than a guest: she is a prostitute accompanying the unapologetic millionaire Edward.

While life may not be Pretty Woman, we can still experience the protagonist’s awkward situation where her clothing was immediately pegged as that of a "classless" woman. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, she still caught her Prince Charming.

elegant women pretty woman

Elegance is not about spending outrageous amounts of money. Instead it relies on having good taste, which is reflected in the choice of clothing and accessories that when brought together they create the ultimate masterpiece.

Julia Roberts is the perfect example to follow when constructing a new style, and this elegance is achieved by balancing the outfits. For instance, if you are wearing a bright sequin dress, tone down the accessories; if you are wearing neutral colors all the time, don’t be afraid to wear bright or sparkly accessories, and if you are all about the fierce make up look, don’t detract from it by wearing a plunging neckline.

You can witness this "balance" in the timeless box office hit Pretty Woman, but since we are here to make your life easier and not make you rewind, stop, and play the film thousands of times, we give you 20 details you have to pay attention to if you want your middle name to spell "Elegance."

elegant women red dress


20. Balance

ALWAYS pick one protagonist in your outfit

NEVER mix psychedelic prints with sequins or leather, but if looking outrageous is your thing go right ahead.

elegant women balance

19. Height

ALWAYS wear skirts, dresses, shorts, and capris shorts that will lengthen your legs, this is key for girls on the petite side

NEVER confuse a top for a dress or else you’ll look trashy

elegant women height


18. Color

ALWAYS try out new combinations, so your style doesn’t become monotonous, boring, or worse… insipid.

NEVER wear over three colors; of course prints, accessories and shoes are exempt from this rule. It is ok to break the mold, just avoid looking like a rainbow or Lucky Charms.

elegant women color


17. Cleanliness

ALWAYS take care of your clothes, shoes, hair, and skin. All the effort you put into your latest season outfit will be lost if it is stained with coffee or make up.

NEVER forget to look after your shoes properly and wash your clothes according to their labels

elegant women clean

16. Discretion

ALWAYS be discrete when wearing top brands, pick only one! If you are wearing a Michael Kors watch, a Coach bag, Tory Burch flats, and the furriest Fendi key chain all at once you won't look elegant, more like chavy.

NEVER forget to remove the purchase label or certificates of authenticity from your bags and clothes, since this is where the brand will detract rather than add to your look.

elegant women discretion

15. Tailor

ALWAYS wear clothes that you find comfortable, fidgeting with your low cut jeans or adjusting the cropped top will ruin any new look you just bought

NEVER cling to sizes that don’t suit your body type. All figures can look elegant if you dress them accordingly.

elegant women tailored

14. Basics

ALWAYS have the basics at hand. Your closet cannot exist without a white shirt, black blazer, white tennis shoes, the LBD, and your black heels.

NEVER think that the basics cannot equate elegance. On the contrary, fashion is all about making the ordinary extraordinary.

elegant women basics

13. Seasons

ALWAYS check the weather before leaving the house; an awesome faux fur coat won’t do you any favors in the boiling summer

NEVER buy clothes just because you are infatuated. Think about their functionality as well.

elegant women season

12. Versatility

ALWAYS pick new clothes that will seamlessly match the ones you already have, or else your closet will expand with no control.

NEVER buy clothes just because they are in fashion. Always follow the things you like and combine them with something modern.

elegant women versatility

11. Handbags

ALWAYS combine your outfit with a well-kept, pretty handbag, because this is the first accessory we all turn to when looking at an outfit

NEVER underestimate the importance of handbags, since they hold your most important personal objects. Don’t go for massive diaper bags or don’t store everything in your jean pockets.

elegant women handbags

10. Cleavage

ALWAYS go for the things that make you feel comfortable without taking unnecessary risk of exposing your lady parts

NEVER combine super short clothes with plunging necklines; showing top and bottom at the same time is the opposite of good taste.

elegant women cleavage

9. Jewelry

ALWAYS wear accessories even if they are small or discrete, and avoid leaving the house as if you just rolled out of bed.

NEVER wear your entire jewelry box. Remember, if you are going for long earrings, opt for a simple necklace, and if you are wearing a bulky necklace go for discrete earrings.

elegant women jewel

8. Volume

ALWAYS balance the top and bottom, if you are wearing a maxi skirt, don’t wear a loose top, or it will look as if you are drowning in too much fabric.

NEVER wear clothes that are too tight for you. Instead opt for the stylish bodycon clothes that will ensure you get noticed. You want to look good not as if you are dressed up as Elasti-Girl.

elegant women volume

7. Language

ALWAYS pay attention to the swear words that pop out of your mouth or the way you ask for things. One thing is to be confident and another rude.

NEVER be afraid to speak your mind; just be clear when voicing your opinions.

elegant women language

6. Etiquette

ALWAYS follow the dress codes for the different special occasions, and if you are unsure you can simply ask the host.

NEVER wear white to a wedding. Evening wear and black tie are to be avoided for morning events, and provocative clothing is no go at serious events.

elegant women occassion

5. Posture

ALWAYS maintain a good posture, since you will not only look good but it is healthy as well.

NEVER keep your head down or hunch your back. A bad posture will make the most beautiful dress drab in an instance.

elegant women posture

4. Make Up

ALWAYS highlight your best attribute and pick either your eyes or lips as the focal point.

NEVER exaggerate your make-up, since elegance goes hand in hand with natural beauty.

elegant women make up

3. Finger Nails

ALWAYS keep an eye out on your nail varnish and check that it doesn’t chip, since a cracked nail can make your hands look like a mess.

NEVER leave fake nails on if one fell off or broke; in fact they are quite obsolete and as such not very elegant.

elegant women nails

2. Heels

ALWAYS go for heels that you feel comfortable walking in. If you are wobbling on sky high Louboutin, people will be more concerned catching you if you fall rather than focusing on your awesome shoes.

NEVER wear heels where you know the terrain is rocky or impossible to cross without tripping. It is best to avoid unnecessary accidents and embarrassments.

elegant women heels

1. Accessories

ALWAYS keep a close eye on the details, because it doesn’t matter if it’s from High Street or straight from 5th Avenue, if it is crooked or badly sewn, its beauty will be lost.

NEVER wear broken or unpolished things. It is far better to go without them.

elegant women accessories

Most importantly...

Know Thyself

ALWAYS analyze which colors suit you best and which clothes are best worn when. Only then you can know what is the best option for you.

NEVER leave the house without looking at the mirror. Elegance is crafted from the smallest details and your reflection can show you what you’ve forgotten.

elegant women confidence


Julia Roberts had the chance to reclaim her style and fill it to the brim with elegance and distinction. You don’t need Richard Gere to take everything out of your closet and turn it around.

Be bold, mix and match, wear that one outfit when people least expect you to, add some heels, and do whatever you want to do always within the boundaries of good taste. That line is easier to cross than you think.