20 Fantastical Tattoos Movie Lovers Will Want

20 Fantastical Tattoos Movie Lovers Will Want

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By: Liliana Estrada

January 18, 2017

Design 20 Fantastical Tattoos Movie Lovers Will Want
Avatar of Liliana Estrada

By: Liliana Estrada

January 18, 2017

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The seventh art has filled our imagination with stories, situations, and legendary characters. As the lights dim and the screen is brought to life, we are transported to faraway dimensions where our emotions are given free rein to express themselves. We cry, laugh, and fear the monsters or deadly characters that temporarily inhabit our mind. From the fiercest winter to the sweltering deserts, films allow us to catch a glimpse of other ways of life and realities that are distant from our own. Magical beings, distant planets, strange phenomena, and parallel universes thrive in the big screen, and for a bittersweet moment as the credits begin to roll, we simply wish we could stay in that special place for just a few more minutes.  

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Eva is a tattoo artist from Turkey who has specialized in minimalist designs based on iconic film scenes. Her color palette echoes the fantastical stories she etches on her clients' skin. The little orbs she creates are reminiscent of the well-loved characters that once debuted on the big screen. The seventh art has taught us that we can see the world burn and rise again through a tiny screen and that we live in a universe of multiple opportunities. Those who have been enthralled by the stories unraveling before their eyes would like a piece of the narrative on their own lives, and what better way than to have them etched on your skin? 

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Castles and love stories are Eva's main motivation to create these inked scenes. She creates perfect drawings and shows us that age doesn't stop her from dreaming or fantasizing. Besides her love for science fiction, she also etches UFOs and planets brimming with life. Films and their literary counterparts are evoked in each of her designs.  

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Loneliness, sadness, and melancholy are sentiments that the cinema world can evoke in each of us, and Eva's tattoos mirror the same emotions. Lovers of magic, fairy tales, and unexpected endings will find solace and comfort in her designs. This artistic discipline has been able to integrate all other areas like painting, literature, music, and dance to push forth its story and amaze the viewer for a few hours or even minutes. 

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The stories that are part of our psychic fabric can now also form part of our physical bodies. The stories that touched you deeply and whose characters you empathized with or evoked within you all of the emotions you try hard to contain can now grace your body. These tattoo designs are for those who long to live in the stories and fairy tales that touched their hearts, for they know that if they let go of all the fantasies and dreams that made them soar, then life would be bleak indeed.  

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Time seems to stop in each of the scenes Eva captures, and now you can have the most significant and gripping moment of the film or story immortalized on your body. As you gaze at her designs, you'll be reminded that at all times you must carry within you a little bit of magic and dreams. 

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You can follow her on Instagram. Her designs are perfect for any film fanatic. 

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