28 Illustrations That Will Inspire Your Next Tattoo

Design 28 Illustrations That Will Inspire Your Next Tattoo

tattoo inspiration shark and cactus

Once the ink and droplets of blood have been wiped away, it is hard to stop. A small design neatly tucked away from the prying eyes of your parents is perhaps the first step many take on this journey. Then come the colors and the pride of withstanding the pain and belonging to an exclusive group of people. This is how the body is transformed into a canvas of possibilities. Your parents find out, but their reaction is not as explosive as you had imagined. The symbols that dot and curve around your body are rife with meaning, but this significance only stems from you and your experiences. 

tattoo inspiration hand and life

Your body changes and with it the designs you have placed on it. There will always be room for one more, and this personal art gallery goes with you at all times. Tattoos don't necessarily have to be imbued with a deep meaning; they can be a whim, a spur of the moment decision that encapsulates your wild and spontaneous nature. You can have pages upon pages of meaning conferred to a simple design, or you can simply say, "Well, it looked nice, so I went for it." These designs are discreet little works of art that capture our mind and imagination. They would be perfectly nestled by the other tattoos you already have on your skin.   

  tattoo inspiration strength tattoo inspiration crown

Tara Crowne Kelly is a German artist who was raised in England and the United States, and this multicultural halo is reflected in her work. As an international citizen there isn't a lack of identity, but rather a plethora of them. Crowns, nudity, bodies covered up with comfy sweaters, and other elements journey with her and inspire her next design. 

tattoo inspiration banana tattoo inspiration women tattoo inspiration sweaters
Sensual women whose faces turn away from the viewer and the simple lines of their bodies are erotically charged, making them perfect for tattoo designs. Crowne's illustrations are subtle, aesthetically pleasing, and detailed. Wild sharks and fragments of nature are interwoven in her work. Her sensual silhouettes  are left unfinished, inspiring the viewer to complete the picture and pour within the design all the unconscious fantasies and desires that might dwell in the mind. 

tattoo inspiration heart and dance tattoo inspiration skeleton tattoo inspiration body tattoo inspiration woman
tattoo inspiration sketches  

Your skin. Your decision. The design may vary, but the work of this multicultural artist is perfect for those small details you know you're missing. A metaphor, a curve, a silhouette that draw you in but don't explain anything. Her designs aren't revolutionary, but their simplicity is where you find a wealth of possibility and greatness. 

Tilted Crowne