40 Colors To Bring Into Your Home In 2021

40 Colors To Bring Into Your Home In 2021

By: Dulce García -

Thinking about sprucing up your place? Check out the color trends for 2021.

It’s that time of the year again when we are craving a fresh start and new experiences. With that in mind, many sectors are launching new products and creating trends for 2021. 

For instance, Sherwin-Williams has prepared a collection showcasing 40 colors that create the perfect balance for a “rhythm of color,” something like the balance between fast and slow, calm and expressive, virtual and physical. 

The colors are organized in four sets: Sanctuary, Encounter, Continuum, and Fusion.



This one is my favorite! It reminds me of nature. This collection celebrates the connection between the planet and that feeling of tranquility. Imagine being in a cozy cabin, in the forest, breathing in clean air, and forgetting all about the hustle and bustle of the city.

You can create this sensation of escape by adding colors like gray, beige, and white, bringing in a few plants and rich fabrics, always keeping clutter to a minimum, so you can fully experience that calm atmosphere. Scandinavian style is also present in this collection, focusing on a sustainable lifestyle.



Warm neutrals: bone, sand, camel, and beige.

Browns: wood, leather, and plush.

Terracotta: dry orange

Green: a grayish mint tone

40 Colors To Bring Into Your Home In 2021 1


This collection evokes heirlooms that are handed down generations and how the past can imbue great significance to modern design. It has a modern bohemian esthetic, with a hyperlocal focus (think handcrafts), natural materials and earthy tones.



Gold: golden tones, warmer than beige

Green: deep shades that allude to the organic qualities of the space

Mushrooms: a taupe color, like wild mushrooms

Blue: dark and dry tones, in lieu of black

40 Colors To Bring Into Your Home In 2021 2


It is defined as creative expression. This is a super fun and colorful collection that you can play with.

“Tapestry” is tied to security, a way of expressing joy with bright colors, while also returning to classic styles; it is having a sensory exploration that not just about seeing the design, but actually feeling it.



Shine: loud and brilliant; they inspire emotion

Mystery: the perfect background for energetic colors. It can be midnight blue or even black.

Balanced contrast: a mix of patterns and finishes in the name of maximalism

Butter: a mix of yellow tones that bring in light and warmth

40 Colors To Bring Into Your Home In 2021 3


A connection to the digital world, new materials, and colors created in a laboratory. It also seeks to incorporate the sea and space as inspiration, sculptural modernism, and speculative design with a focus on the imagination, technology, and progress.



Marine blue: a color associated with our physical and mental well-being

Industrial gray: a pillar of minimalist design

Lilac: an almost gray shade

Aqua - tec: a greenish shade that provides a touch of freshness

40 Colors To Bring Into Your Home In 2021 4

Now that I’m thinking of doing some home renovations, it’s a great opportunity to take a closer look at these collections. Which one is your favorite?