5 Instagram Accounts That Outsmart The Silly Nipple Censorship

5 Instagram Accounts That Outsmart The Silly Nipple Censorship

By: Sara Araujo -

Very lucky and smart Instagram accounts that free the nipple without being censored.

A couple of days ago, I was doing my daily scroll routine on Instagram, looking for inspiration for my own posts in some of my favorite photographers and designers (I find their captions very empowering). Suddenly, I came across a lot of different artists that were very upset because their work was being blocked. I have to add, most of these profiles include nude photographs and illustrations. While they're all very esthetic, Instagram has a very strict algorithm when it comes to nudity. 

So, some of these artists were literally sending the platform’s developers to hell (and other hideous places), claiming that their art shouldn’t be banned because they were displaying the beauty of the human body, and they were not going to stop right now. Oddly enough, I also came across accounts that posted nudity without any censorship issues, and that got me baffled. How could they post photos of nipples, and Instagram didn’t say anything about it? Don’t get me wrong, I was glad for these artists, but I just couldn’t find an explanation to this. Then, I realized they managed to outsmart the algorithm, so their photos weren't banned. 

If you also feel as curious as me about this whole nonsensical censorship nude art, take a look at these these amazing profiles that display nude art in very smart ways:

Free the Nipple

This account has been fighting the nipple fight for a while. Using their profile as a compilation album, Free The Nipple allows other people to find about thousands of artists that also use the human body as their source of inspiration in different ways. Here you can find illustrations, photographs, and a lot of anti-censorship statements that will lift your spirit. What I found particularly admiring from this account is that, when it comes to portray nude people, they don’t just post the standard type of beauty. They show all shapes, sizes, and colors with pride, creating a truly esthetic profile that praises the human body.

accounts fighting instagram nipple censorship

"It is illegal for women to go #topless in most cities, yet you can buy a magazine of a woman without her top on at any 7-11 store. So you can sell breasts, but you cannot wear #breasts, in #America." by @freethenipple

Yuka Tanaka

Yuka Tanaka has a very artistic profile that you’ll absolutely love. Merging conceptual photos and nudity, Yuka portrays renewed ideas in beauty and esthetic pleasing minimalism. From time to time, you’ll find a covered nipple, because the anti-censorship fight is still not over. Nevertheless, most of the pictures come as they were intended to, and they all have very interesting visual insights on the human body and sexuality.

accounts fighting instagram nipple censorship@tnkmax

Carlota Guerrero

There are not enough words to describe how much I enjoy this account. The use of color, glitter, and fashion makes this profile a visual treat for those who appreciate nude photography and are trying to get some ideas for new shootings. Carlota has a very creative side when it comes to modeling and conceptual photography. She uses a lot of natural elements and in some way, human connection (don’t forget to check out the group photos, they are amazing!). One of the things I like the most from this artist is that she uses both male and female models in the same way, making a very strong statement of gender equality that will restore your faith in humanity.

accounts fighting instagram nipple censorship"shiny goddesses" by @carlota_guerrero

Claudia Sahuquillo

Claudia has a very particular way to praise the human body. She uses the female anatomy as a canvas for striking and colorful paintings, most of which include colored nipples with eyes and flowers on them. Unfortunately, I’ve already seen some of her work taken down, but most of her pictures are still up, and they are all beautiful examples of creative artwork. She has been fighting censorship for a while, and now she even has a clothesline with some of her designs on them. You’ll enjoy this splash of colors and female nudity.

accounts fighting instagram nipple censorship@claudiasahuquillo

Club Clitoris

This is one of the most empowering accounts you’ll ever come across with. The account’s description is all you need to know about it: “Encouraging others to celebrate their: vaginas, vulvas & labia, body hair, periods, sexuality, and self love.” So, there’s a lot of amazing illustrations that embody the real side of being a woman, and they get away with it. There's no censorship whatsoever. If you’re looking for some empowering posts, this is the account for you. Here you’ll find pictures, drawings, and even T-shirts that support everything that entails being a woman in this weird digital era.

accounts fighting instagram nipple censorship"Still not asking for it." by @clubclitoris

After a little consideration on these accounts, we can see that Instagram has a very sexist algorithm when it comes to nudity as if showing a female body were something bad. That doesn’t even make sense. It’s like they were separate concepts, when they’re actually the same thing. Situations like this one clearly tell us that humanity has a long way to go before we can call gender equality a reality. It’s a little sad but inspiring enough to keep supporting accounts like the ones previously mentioned.

Fortunately, there are good ways to outsmart Instagram’s restrictions through art. Most of these accounts use paintings, drawings, and photographs to stop body shaming and censorship, and I think that itself beautiful. Because in the end, we are art. There’s nothing wrong with any of our body parts, and that’s how everyone should see this topic. Nipples are nipples, whether they belong to a man, a woman, or an alien. 

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Cover by Claudia Sahuquillo