12 Disturbing Illustrations Of All Those Creepy Thoughts That Come Into Your Mind

Alex Gamsu Jenkins is here to bring your creepiest thoughts to life with colorful illustrations.

There are days when you can’t help but let your mind fly away. Your thoughts can ramble on for hours and your imagination can get to very weird places. I’m not talking about taking some fancy drug that will take you on a trip through your unconscious. I’m talking about those really sober moments when you start wondering things that you will keep to yourself forever, because sharing them may imply showing a very creepy side of yourself.

"If I get rid of my head, I can also get rid of my responsibilities right?"

"Why buy a self-help book to stop smoking when I can just chop my fingers off."

Since we live in a society with many things that shouldn’t be happening, it's okay to wander into alternate realities and ask ourselves random questions that make life a little more interesting and bearable. Imagination is so powerful. It can dig up our most brilliant ideas as well as the most disturbing ones. In the end, wanting to punch your boss in the face with a rubber duck is something you won’t actually do, but it’s still funny to fantasize about it, right? Being creepy can be fun if you give yourself the chance to let your mind take control (without acting on it, of course).

"If I lay here, maybe I can will myself to die."

"Yes... Dance, my human puppets, dance for me!"

"What would it feel like to be one of the victims from the movie Seven?"

If you’re feeling unsure about letting your mind flow with your inner creepy, don’t worry. I know an artist that may help you loosen up a bit. His name is Alex Gamsu Jenkins, and his satirical illustrations about society and real life will make you think, "Ok, so I’m not the only one..." Yes, you're not the only one who’s having random and weird thoughts about everything that surrounds you.

"I can't handle this anymore. Let me put my poker face on."

"Toasters can't be as dangerous as my ex."

"Is it bad to think of murder while listening to Phil Collins?"

This English artist uses colorful (as well as disturbing) cartoons that show everyday activities in a very unsettling but humorous way. These illustrations make fun of pretty much everything that involves our lifestyle these days: the way we eat, work, relate with others, and the many frightening outcomes of very specific situations. Alex is not afraid to share his thoughts on today’s society, even though they can come across as ridiculously creepy. Your image, your solitude, your evident addiction to technology, your complete reliance on social media, everything can be twisted enough to become one of his artworks.

"Five minutes after the new smoking policy was implemented."

"If I watch Kim complain from outer space, will extraterrestrial life judge me too?"

"If we didn't have arms, I would be way more comfortable right now."

Gamsu is very honest when it comes to talk about his creations:

“I would describe my work as exploring satirical and critical subject matter through a distinctive and vivid style. I try to avoid the pretense but wallow in humor, whilst touching on the absurd and surreal.”

His ideas, as creepy as they might be, are so realistic you have to agree with him. His illustrations pretty much portray the way our mind works from a very raw angle: weird but relatable, unsettling yet funny. That’s how our thoughts work, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

"We call this dig site, The Selfie King."

"Is it better to be too loving or too detached?"

So take another look at these images (or dare to visit his complete gallery) and be inspired by the disturbing side of the mind that Alex portrays. Ask yourself questions you wouldn’t dare to ask, and challenge yourself to create scenarios that not even in your wildest dreams would come true.


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