Arm Tattoo Designs Elegant People Will Admire

Arm Tattoo Designs Elegant People Will Admire

By: Olympia Villagrán -

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During the blissful period of peace between the Great Wars, art and design came together and fashioned a new style: Art Deco. From the bowels of austerity and deprivation, people had to reach for new styles that were dynamic and elegant without the need for great expenditure. Simple, elegant, and idealized works were created thanks to this new beaux arts style, and it was this movement that heralded the arrival of modernity in the Western world. 

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This style was founded upon geometric shapes and straight lines, zig zags became indispensable for architects and abstract shapes began to dominate the artistic spheres. This golden style has been embraced by tattoo parlors, and artists are drawn to its simple and elegant designs. These look particularly lovely across the arms, and Art Deco inspired tattoos fit perfectly with those who aspire for elegance and simplicity.  

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There are multiple design tattoos out there that reflect this Art Deco elegance, but it is important that your own design includes personal elements. The color, size, thickness, and definition of the lines are crucial for a stunning and elegant arm tattoo. Ultimately, it does not matter what design or element you choose; what matters is the way in which it is tattooed.  

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Simple typographies with few curves and sans serif. 

Well defined silhouettes with few shades and no filling. 

Black tattoos or designs that include few shades that are faint or luminous. 


Geometric designs with thin and straight lines 

Bracelets on the forearm or wrist that boast few lines

Medium or small abstract tattoos that are proportionate to the size of the arm. 

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In the past, tattoos were characterized by having saturated typographies, tough designs, and flashy silhouettes. Elegance appeared to be put to one side when it came to this art form, as it was believed to be exclusive to the realms of architecture and the beaux arts. We see this is no longer the case, as these simple tattoos offer spectacular results, and bearing one in your arm will incite the envy of many. You should go for a style that suits your personality and that you identify with, because that is what makes it unique and attractive. So, which one will you choose? 

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