Artists You Should Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Artists You Should Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

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By: Diego Cera

March 23, 2017

Design Artists You Should Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo
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By: Diego Cera

March 23, 2017

It's a fact that tattoos have become highly popular; however, we should ask whether people really have a connection with their designs or if they're just following a trend. Most of the tattoos we see nowadays are mere reproductions of those that can be found on Pinterest's boards, Instagram, or any other digital platform where these popular designs are constantly shared. The thing that almost no one has in mind is that there are many ideas and designs you can get on your skin. So, before running to the tattoo parlor to get a fading feather or the infinite sign, you might want to take a look at the work of these artists to get a tattoo that has a real meaning to you.


Oliver Peck

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Any good tattoo artist must know what's the old school tattoo technique. This style, usually associated with the ones sailors had, was born in 1900, when the color palette was restricted. That's why artists had to make extreme use of bright colors and thick lines to make sure that the pigments would remain on the skin for a long time. Nowadays, the undisputed master of this style is Oliver Peck, who holds the world record for the artist who has tattooed more people in one day (415 people).

Kat Von D

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Before getting the face of a person tattooed on your skin, make sure you're with the right artist to do the job. There are some people who out of laziness or to save some money choose the first studio they see. Sadly, the results aren't always as expected, and something that was meant to be a nice memory turns into a joke. To avoid this situation, you should look for studios in your area that work with hyperrealist techniques. You can use Kat Von D's work as a reference. Her black and white technique has made her one of the best tattoo artists in this field.

Doctor Woo

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In recent years, minimalist style has created great enthusiasm among those who want to decorate their skin in a simple and subtle way. That's perhaps the reason why Dr. Woo has gained a lot of notoriety, since he's one of the most successful artists thanks to his technique of using only one needle. Through this method, he manages to create thin and precise lines that even the most experienced tattoo artists wouldn't achieve. It is said that you have to wait at least six months to get an appointment with this expert.

Scott Campbell

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Another indisputable master of strokes is Campbell, although his style is far from being minimalistic. This expert of black work makes incredibly complex designs with relatively simple strokes. His art with skulls is flawless thanks to his capacity of emphasizing every element. His dexterity is so significant that he's able to create complex tattoos with homemade machines, like a used VCR; however, in his studio, he uses professional equipment, so don't worry. 

Ed Perdomo

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Among the most difficult things a tattoo artist can face is to work with colors. While most of the skin types absorb black ink perfectly, other colors depend on each particular skin. with his new school style, Ed Perdomo has proven to be a virtuous master of tonalities due to the way he works even with yellow and brown colors, which are the most complicated ones because they fade very easily.


If you haven't found your perfect style yet, you might want to take a look at these 25 Geometric Tattoo Designs That You'll Love Due To Their Uniqueness. Besides the aesthetic, you can always give a more spiritual meaning to your design.


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Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards