Illustrations That Depict The Darkest Side Of Human Beings

Illustrations That Depict The Darkest Side Of Human Beings

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By: Diego Cera

May 9, 2017

Design Illustrations That Depict The Darkest Side Of Human Beings
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By: Diego Cera

May 9, 2017

Eager to control everything on this planet, human beings have treated many forms of life as goods they can use for trade. Whether it's for their fur, meat, or bones, many creatures suffer every day due to humanity's greed. 

Only a few have reflected upon how we've damaged this planet and all the living creatures that coexist with us. One of them was Curt Johnson, who in 2003 made a documentary film about animal rights and how people devoted to the movement are fighting to raise awareness about the damage we cause to the planet by unscrupulously killing everything in front of us.

The movie gets its name from a comic book created by PETA called "Your Mommy Kills Animals." It focuses on the different conflicts many activists have had with companies that use animals to test cosmetics or that furtively hunt them for food. In fact, due to their protests, animal rights defenders are in the ranking of the most hunted group by the FBI.

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It's important to question why these activists are considered a terrorist group when, far from endangering lives, they're fighting to preserve it. Probably, this conundrum can be solved by those who have invested their interest in keeping food companies working. If these companies yielded to these protests, many politicians and businessmen would lose much of their investments. That's why they threaten and chase these groups who fight for animals rights.

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Now imagine what would happen if things were the other way around? In other words, what would happen if the prey became the hunter? Or what if, instead of testing cosmetic products on animals, they were the ones testing them on our naked skin? That's the thesis behind Barbara Daniels' series Why it Suks to Be Human!, where animals take humans' role and torture them in the same way we do with them.

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(You can check the entire collection on her official website)

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At first glance, Daniels' idea of switching places can be seen as worn out. However, if we watch them carefully, we can see that it's not all about changing roles, but a matter of representing the fear and pain millions of animals suffer every day to fulfill our ambition and nonsensical demands.

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Starting with the food industry and reaching the plight of animal rights, these illustrations make us face our role in this planet by showing our most savage and darkest side when it comes to our foolish consumerism. At the end of the day, we're obsessed with thinking we own everything on this planet.

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The day we all accept our responsibility, we'll finally be able to be at peace with our environment. Failing to accept our guilt will imply the destruction and devastation of the planet that has given us so much.

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards