10 Beautiful Tattoos For Dark Skin To Turn Yourself Into A Piece Of Art

October 2, 2018

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tattoos for dark skin

Too often, having dark skin makes it difficult to find the right tattoo artist or design. But we’ve got you covered. Here are some beautiful tattoos to inspire you!

Finding the right tattoo artist can be a daunting task. A careful person looking to get one done typically scours several portfolios before choosing the right artist for them. It’s not only the general skill and designs that matter. You must also know that whoever you choose will be able to work on your particular skin. And that’s a problem for people with dark skin tones, since very few tattoo artists actually feature dark-skin tattoos in their portfolios at all. There’s no good excuse for this: even if displaying the design itself can benefit from the contrast of lighter skin, it’s important to show you have what it takes to make designs work on any kind of skin tone. It’s also very important to show all your potential clients what your tattoos will look like on their general skin color.

Having dark skin should not prevent anyone from getting the tattoo they want. With a good technique and the right tattoo selection, there’s no reason why people with darker tones cannot enjoy the aesthetic marvel of skin art. To this end, here are some examples of tattoos that would look great on dark skin. 

1) Mandala On Back

tattoos for dark skin 1

(Photo by @matt_stopps)

You can hardly go wrong with mandalas. They are beautiful designs with deep spiritual significance, and they can look great if done right.

2) Mandala On Arm

tattoos for dark skin 2

(Artist: @leanneckerr, photo by @dopeartdarkskin)

While we're on mandalas, here's another great example.

3) Upper Chest Necklace

tattoos for dark skin 3

(Artist: @leanneckerr)

An elaborated tattoo that would void the need for accessories altogether.

4) Black Panther

tattoos for dark skin 4

(Photo @miryamlumpini)

A great depiction of an iconic character. The point of this example, however, isn't to showcase a superhero of color, but rather to show the potential combination of colors you can work with!

5) Heart Gem

tattoos for dark skin 5

(Photo by @bang.1nk)

And don't let anyone tell you vibrant colors are impossible on dark skin!

6) Upper Chest And Arm Patterns

tattoos for dark skin 6

(Photo by @paku.tattoo)

London-based artist @paku.tattoo makes beautiful patterns of all kinds. Certainly a good source for inspiration, though you don't have to constrain yourself to a tribal theme. Nonetheless, the theme sure is striking.

7) An Eye-Catching Dream-Catcher

tattoos for dark skin 7

(Photo @miryamlumpini)

Colors galore! Don't be afraid to go for them.

8) Yet More Mandala-Like Patterns

tattoos for dark skin 8

(Photo by @paku.tattoo)

Another example from @paku.tattoo. Beautiful intricate pattern.

9) A Timely Rose

tattoos for dark skin 9

(Photo by @captured_moment_tattoos)

There's no lack of combinations!

10) Lines Upon Circles

tattoos for dark skin 10

(Photo by @paku.tattoo)

A surreal mixture of elegant black and white lines and circles. Stylish and sophisticated.

tattoos for dark skin 11

(Photo by @miryamlumpini)

There you have it. There are plenty more examples out there, so don't stop here. We hope this list gave you at least some initial inspiration, though. Don't forget to let us know about your favorite designs once you're out there!

Cover photo by @miryamlumpini


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