Bob Plissken's Illustrations Show That You And The Grim Reaper Could Be BFFs

April 3, 2018

|Ariel Rodriguez
beebosloth illustrations

How often do you get to laugh at your struggles and the many times you bite the dust? Let the Grim Reaper help you out.

Death is that buddy who follows you everywhere and never lets you forget he's there. You see him on your clothes, on the awesome street art next to your favorite coffee shop, and even in your favorite TV shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons. Back in the day, when Death was badass, he would walk around with a black cloak, collecting souls by wielding his scythe around. Now, he likes to chill out with his favorite pink hoody and when you stumble and fall, he picks you up by the hair and gives you a good slap in the face. This is the best version of himself, and artist Bob Plisskin has perfectly captured him with his collection called Beebosloth

beebosloth illustrations 1

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Are we afraid of death? Yes, we are, but we also can't help laughing at him and with him. He's the perfect foil that allows us to laugh at the challenges and life issues we face, from crummy co-workers to that long-term relationship that's falling into pieces. Irony and sarcasm are the perfect antidote to a crappy day and Plissken knows this, which is no wonder he has over 60 thousand followers on Instagram. The Grim Reaper has become an extension of Plissken's dark humor, and he is able to speak his mind through him without holding back.

There's nowhere left to escape from. Now I spend my days escaping my demons through illustration. I currently reside on Earth.

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"Fuck this, i'm out." How many times have you said this as you walk out of class or work? Plenty of times I guess. These illustrations are not for angry people that hate the world, but for people who poke fun at their own misery, because while they may be lying on the ground eating dust, they know one day they'll get back up again. That is life basically, so rather than choking on anger and smiling at your enemies, you open up and tell those who deserve it to "Fuck off."

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Beyond broken dreams and hopes, Plissken also addresses social issues with a twist. In one illustration, he captions “Remember kids, respect woman,” and shows the Reaper holding a key near a chained woman – Is he trying to free her, or has he just locked her up? It is this uncertainty that clarifies one thing: people may advocate for equality, but you never know if their words are just full of hot air and they're holding the key with no remorse. He also makes a stand against gun control, with the Grim Reaper forming a gun with his hands, but wait, let's not forget that this little skeleton has no brains to speak off, they rot eons ago. The Grim Reaper thrives in these grey areas, you never know which side he's currently rooting for, and just as unexpectedly he may change his mind. This uncertainty is Death in his purest form, you never know when he'll come knocking on your door.

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If you like to laugh at your own misfortunes, then perhaps you need a few of his illustrations printed out as a reminder to grin as the dust grinds against your teeth. Life is terrible and shitty, so why not laugh at it?

*You can purchase Plissken's designs and he has a collection of items and accessories you should definitely check out. For more on his designs follow his account: @beebosloth


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