6 Rising Street Artists You Need To Keep An Eye On This Year

Some don't even like to use their own names, but their art speaks for itself.

Walking through your neighborhood and spotting some cool street art on an old wall is a nice feeling, mainly because it gives your surroundings a new look, and it reminds you of the importance of street art. I personally love seeing graffiti on the street because these works give my neighborhood an identity, color, and a cool vibe. Every day, more and more artists are grabbing their spray cans and stencils to get out there and prove the world that they have what it takes to earn a spot among the most recognized artists. Street artists need these brick canvases to create their work and express their message. An example of a street artist who became famous by displaying his art in the most random places you can think of, is Banksy.

Banksy is an anonymous street artist, filmmaker, and activist from the UK who has shown a strong stand on different political and social issues with his art. He calls attention to issues like immigration, capitalism, the corporate world, and is not afraid to use public spaces raise awareness in the pedestrians who happen to walk by his artworks. Although his real identity remains unknown, his distinctive stencil style has been sold for millions of dollars, but he doesn’t take a penny from it. He is a great example of why street art needs to be supported and celebrated. Many artists are making some great art around the world, and their work can be found in their Instagram accounts. If you want to keep an eye out for the next Banksy, here are the artists you need to be following right now:


Martin Ron (Argentina)

Ron's art can be spotted on the walls of tall apartment buildings in Argentina, and he has done collaborations with artists in different cities, like his most recent one in Tumby Bay, Australia. Although he paints on different surfaces like bridges, brick walls, and cylinders, his style is distinctive because of his use of pastel paint colors.

Images by: @ronmuralist


Sara Erenthal (New York City)

Erenthal's work focuses on liberation, survival, and displacement. She takes normal street objects and uses them as her canvas. Her distinctive cartoonish-looking doll can be seen on objects like abandoned televisions, mattresses, doors, and many other surfaces found next to piles of trash. According to her bio, she ran away from a marriage arranged by her Orthodox Jewish family when she was 17, and since then, she has been traveling the world and engaging in different forms of art like sculpting, painting, and performances.

Images by: @saraerenthalart


Rocket 01 (London)

This artist prefers to be called by his user name, Rocker 01. His art mixes urban objects with a sci-fi, ocean theme. Also, his style favors the colors aqua and green, and is usually recognizable for two recurring characters: a woman wearing a helmet, a swimming bunny, and a friendly, blue badger.

Images by:


Nemo's (Italy and Spain)

Some street artists like to create their own unique characters, which they illustrate most of the time. Nemo's is a perfect example of this type of street art. He created a humanlike being, usually naked, with a very worried and wrinkled face. Nemo's uses recycled newspaper from different cities in Europe to create the skin's texture. Although it's hard to see this technique from a distance, once you take a closer look, you can spot the small news stories in his artwork. His work also goes beyond walls, since he adds optical illusions to objects like poles and windows.

Images by: @whoisnemos


Toctoc (France)

Toctoc's humorous street art features original characters and pop culture celebrities, like Batman, Jimmy Hendrix, Stephen Hawking, among others. Some of his illustrations, though, could be interpreted as self-portraits in which he represents himself as one of these pop icons. His art makes use of satire, inspirational messages, and everyday humor.

Images by: @bytoctoc


Bondtruluv (China)

This artist can spend a whole day painting an entire apartment building by himself with only the help of a tow truck. His paintings are astonishing in color and design. His style is more of oriented towards urban graffiti, and he incorporates other elements like neon paint that shines at night and metallic textures. His art pieces include nerdy references to shows like Pokemon, Rick and Morty, and The Simpsons. His designs transport street pedestrians to another futuristic dimension.

Images by: @bondtruluv



Many street artists prefer to keep their real identities hidden. In the past, they would come up with pseudonyms that they left as their signature in order to not get caught by the authorities. However, this form of art has evolved into a way for artists to be recognized. They can now create their artworks with the permission of the property owners, so they can take their time working on them, and they know they won't be removed the next day. Any of these artists could be the next Banksy, and if you are intrigued by what other artists are out there, you should use the hashtag #streetart to see what these new artists can offer.

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